Thursday, March 11, 2010

Working a deal - which one is better?

Today our "deal dilemma" is over Ziploc bags.
Recently I blogged about how you could use the $2 Ziploc coupon that was in the March 6 Red Plum coupon insert to get free Ziploc Evolve packs at Zellers. What is interesting is that I noticed Zellers has the regular Ziploc 50 pk bags for $2.49 regular price, and the 100-pk bags on sale at 2 for $5 or $2.50 each. So keep your eye out for the sales to get the best price for whatever it is you are looking for.

In this case, you could buy the Evolve 50-ct bags at $1.99, use your $2 coupon and pay nothing but tax.

Or you could buy the regular Ziploc 50-pk at regular price for $2.49 and use your $2 coupon and snag it for $0.49.

Or, you could buy one regular 100-pk bags for $2.50, use your coupon and get it for .50cents.

Which deal would you work? Any guesses to what I did?


  1. Or you could wait til Tuesday at LD when they are all on sale (I think) for $1.99. =]

  2. I think you did the 100 for 50 and used 2 coupons!!! hmmmm or did you just snag the free ones and not pay out of pocket?? BUT 200 bags for $1 seems better then 50 bags for free... OR DOES IT???

    HMMMM I definatley would have done the 100 for .50 (only if I had 2 coupons, though!!!)

    otherwise the enviro ones for sure!!!


  3. Yup, the LD ones are coming up - next post. :)

    Shellie, I will post a picture of what I did... and you guys can decide if it was the right choice or not! :)