Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sale on K'Nex , Lincoln Logs and Brio!

If you have a son about Little Mr.Smith's age, your house is probably full of building toys like K'Nex. Little Mr.Smith can spend hours building and playing and it blows my mind how he takes things apart only to rebuild them, or even better, builds bigger and better versions. With Easter and his 7th birthday coming up, I'm starting to look for some gift ideas for him - on sale, of course!

K'Nex is having a 25% sale on selected Easter building sets, plus when your order is over $50, you will receive a free bag of parts! To save on shipping, I'm ordering items for his Easter basket, birthday gifts and some special "just because" gifts all on one order, which will also net me the spare bag of parts - I know he will love them!

With the sale, there are some items under $4.50, and I was thinking of getting these for the "loot bag" toy to give out at his birthday party. I like to give away one big-ish item versus a bunch of cheap dollar store junk - how about you? I'm pretty sure his friends are just as builder-crazy as he is so these should hit the mark.

Just browsing the site and saw that they have Lincoln Logs on sale too!

If you have younger boys to buy for, try Brio - they've got a 50% off sale off classic trains & tracks, Network, My First Sets, Play Tables and more!

Good for both USA and Canada.

See all the K'NEX Special Offers

Save up to 50% on BRIO select items

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