Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free Sunlight Green Clean!

Sometimes I think the manufacturers really love us. I mean, they want to give us free stuff! Yes, I know they want us to try it in the hopes that we become loyal customers, but I prefer the lovey-dovey idea instead. (grin).

Keep an eye out for the Sunlight Green Clean in the detergent aisle or in a display. I found a huge display of these at the Zellers at Coquitlam Center and they all had the red "Try Me Free" sticker on them.

The premise is that you would purchase the item and then send in the receipt AND the Try Me Free mail in rebate, and then the company would send you a cheque for what you spent on the item, so the only thing you are paying for are taxes and the stamp.

I've seen the stickers on the product at Save On and Safeway as well.

Cheers for free detergent!


  1. I did this and it really worked! My cheque showed up in 6-8 weeks in a regular enveloped with my name hand printed and no return address.

  2. do you think you could mail in more then one free coupon in the same envelope? or with the same reciept? or would you have to buy them on different orders and then mail in your coupons/reciepts seperate?

  3. Shellie,
    Read the fine print of each MIR as they are different. Most will say valid one per household, so one MIR/receipt per envelope. You could send one in for say, your parents,your siblings, etc - but they would have to go in different envelopes and to different addresses.

  4. Thanks Mrs. Smith. I did got oday and pick some up at our Local Zellers. I bought 2 but only after oking with my mom that I get one cheque mailed to her!!!!

    HMMMMM maybe I should give her the soap too???


  5. Hmm, I did this last week sometime. I was already getting them for $1.50 each or something silly like that, but I had bought some the previous week for a little more (and at 2 different stores) so I sent in those 2 receipts in 2 different envelopes. I don't remember it saying anything about one per household... waiting on the refund!