Thursday, March 25, 2010

How I saved 90% on 3 items using 1 coupon each

Some days, I am just either too tired, too out of time, too lazy or too befuddled to even have the strength to work out some deal scenarios. I'm using a lot more math since I started coupon shopping, and some days I just don't want to have to think in order to save money.

That's when clearance items come to the rescue.

I have mixed results when it comes to shopping clearance aisles. A lot of times the items are a modge-podge variety, and if I end up finding a product I want, then I have to work the math then and there - so most of the time I end up not purchasing it because I hate having to work the math in the store. LOL.

But sometimes, the clearance fairies are kind and make things easy. Like yesterday, for example. I'm at Save On Foods picking up some things, and I wander down the aisles into the make up section. Which that in itself is hilarious because I barely wear makeup! Anyway, I'm digressing. I walk into the last make up aisle and there is an endcap with signs all over it! Sale! Sale! My super spidey extreme shopper radar goes off!

Turns out it's a bunch of Glade and Febreeze items on clearance for $2.99 each! The diffusers, 3 wick candles, even a 4-pack candle set, and my favourite, the Febreze AirEffects packaged with a candle in a nice box. Right away I think of all the $2 Glade and Febreze coupons I have. That would mean I would get the items for .99cents each!

I've spoken in my classes about how cheap you can get after a while on the Extreme Shopping method. 99cents, you say, is pretty fantastic for a few candles, not to mention the gift packs. 99cents is nothing. Right?


I stood there for a good couple minutes warring with myself.

Me: "99cents is pretty good."
Self: Not when you have 50 Glade candles in the cupboard that you paid nothing for.
Me: True.
Self: You not only got them free, you made money on them.
Me: I am the Extreme Shopper, hear me roar.
Self: So put these ones back, they cost .99 cents each.
Me: But I could use them as gifts, prizes and...
Self: No.
Me: But...!
Self: Just admit it, you're a shopaholic and a sucker for sales.
Me: Ok.

In the end, I bought 2 diffusers and a giftpack for under $3 plus tax. I saved $36 off a $40.05 bill (including tax) which is about 90% savings, just using 1 coupon each. I actually bought them to show you readers that sometimes great deals can be had without any math equations involved - just a simple clearance sale and a $2 coupon.

By the way, this was done at the SOF by the Port Coquitlam Costco. Check your local SOF to see if they have similiar clearances. Remember, I found them in the make up aisle!

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  1. I have had this conversation with myself so many times lately! Thanks for the laugh - what a great post (and I may have to take a little trip to Save on soon!)