Thursday, March 25, 2010

HOT - Last day for cheap/free Mr.Clean!!

I love Mr.Clean products. Especially the Magic Eraser. My kids love them too and this mama especially loves the days when my kids decide that their bathroom needs a "Mr.Clean Makeover" - and then go to town scrubbing everything in sight.

This week's Walmart flyer expires today, and so goes with it the $2 price for Mr.Clean products. So if you are needing some Mr.Clean products, you have until the stores close tonight to get in on this great price.

I went to London Drugs and saved $2.60 PER spray/liquid and $1.49 per Magic Eraser right off the bat.

Then of course came the coupon savings which was $32!

I got 4 sprays, 4 liquids and 8 2-pack Magic Erasers for nothing but tax which was $3.84! Got to love Extreme Shopping! The (male) cashier was so awesome and said,"I really take my hat off to you," and even asked where to get coupons and of course I referred him here! :)

If I had walked into LD and bought all these off the shelf it would have cost me $73.29 (inclusive of tax) but instead I walked out only paying $3.84. That is a 94.77% savings! Of course, If there was no tax then I would have 100% savings.

Happy cleaning days are here again!

PS I just *may* be giving away some Mr.Clean soon... and you just *may* want to make sure you're a blog follower. :)


  1. I am trying to follow but really secretly wishing there was an online class or something I could read to figure out how to use coupons when and where etc.. we live in the sticks with only one grocery store so I want to be prepared for when I get to town. However I did use coupons and got 4 bags of Europes Best frozen fruit for 10$ instead of 20...and at full price they would have been 30$ plus tax, so I did get a good deal:)

  2. Hi Coastkids,
    Thanks for your post. Please hang tight, there IS an Extreme Shopping online class being developed and due to release soon. I'm just squaring off the technical side of things and will launch the online class as soon as I can, I promise.

    Way to go on the Europe's Best! Did you use the mail in rebate for them as well?