Tuesday, September 15, 2009

$10 Sears coupon for Juniors (US only)

Here's a link for a $10 coupon for online/instore use for Sears, good only in the US til sometime in November. I might use this the next time I head across the border and see if I can get the Little Smith's something.

Kids' Tylenol for under $1

I kid you not - you can get Kids' Tylenol (cold, cold/cough, and fever) for .73 this week at Superstore. It's on sale for $2.73 so use your $2 from smartcanucks and the Tylenol is yours for .73 - perfect to stock up for the coming winter season. Little Ms.Smith and Master Smith chose Bubble Gum Burst and Grape flavours.

Monday, September 14, 2009

CHEAP shaving gel/creams and more.

Easy peasy at Superstore this week... I saw the Gillette Series shave foam/gel on for $1.96 today - buy 3 and use the $5 wyb 3 coupon that was in the recent P&G Brandsaver and get 3 cans for under $1!

Also, Satincare is $1.96, so use your save.ca and Brandsaver $1 coupons to get it free!

Gillette Fusion Power is on sale for $6.97, use your $4 coupon to get it for $2.97 or price match at LD and stack! (NOTE: I had the manager at my local LD tell me he would only allow price match of 1 unit for various reasons). I had wanted to buy 3 (2 of the Fusion and 1 of the Venus Embrace, also on for $6.97) and use the $5 wyb 3 and a whole bunch of other coupons for a total of $21, making the 3 razors free. No go although I've heard some people getting the deal. Seems that LD's guarantee of matching any printed price out there only goes so far which in my opinion does not make it much of a guarantee at all.

Starting tomorrow, spend at least $14 on Cover Girl makeup at LD and get a Pro Mascara free. There are tons of stackable coupons out there now (save.ca, P&G, Rouge booklet) so you should be able to get some cheap/free makeup with this deal. Also, Gillette Hydragel is BOGO, pricematch with People's ($3.99) and use your Gillette coupons from the Brandsaver to save even more!

Pantene is also on sale at LD, and there's also a number of coupons out there, so this is a great time to stock up. Stayfree is also on sale and free with coupons - I've not done this deal as I don't use that item but may buy some and donate to a local women's shelter.

Oral B Pulsonic coupon

If you're looking to purchase the Oral B Pulsonic toothbrush, go here to get a $10 coupon.

Huggies sample and high value coupon!

You can get some diaper samples and high value coupons from Huggies by signing up here! Good for both US/Canada.

Tomorrow Mr.Smith and I are heading to LD to score some free/cheap Gillette Fusion/Embrace razors and shave cream, amongst other things. I'll share the how-to and pics then!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ziploc for free

I don't know why I've not taken advantage of this scenario but you can bet that'll change today! (Today's the last day to pricematch as the ad expires tonight).

Superstore is having a promo on Ziploc bags, 2/$4, so you can print off your "get $2 off when you buy 2" and "Buy any Ziploc and get $1 off" coupons, and bring your Superstore ad to LD to pricematch and stack coupons! That'll net you some free ziploc bags!

Here's how it works:
Buy 2 Ziploc bags = $4 (pricematch with Superstore)
Use 2 "Buy any Ziploc and get $1 off" = $2 off
Use 1 "Get $2 off when you buy 2 Ziplocs" = $2 off
= 2 Ziploc packs FREE!!!!!!

Yay - great time to stock up!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zellers promo.

Starting tomorrow, Zellers is having a promo for a whole slew of products such as Pampers, Tide, Gillette, Crest, Mr.Clean, and more. The promo is spend $25, get $10 gift card back (via mail). The $25 total is before any price matching or coupons you might have, so this is a great time to get those items pricematched and use up those coupons.

Print off your rebate form here (as of tomorrow).
And don't forget to bring your reuseable bags for bonus points! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NEW P&G coupons and more news!

Tons of new, awesome coupons for diapers, hair products and more here! Order yours today, and remember you can price match and stack your coupons at London Drugs.

Also, for the local Canadian readers, I confirmed with the Shoppers Drug Mart by Coquitlam Center that they accept internet printable coupons so print off your Ziploc and Glad coupons previously mentioned, and you can use them there! Also confirmed with Superstore HQ that they do accept internet printable coupons. Yay! (Great deal this week: Ziploc freezer bags are $2, use the $1 ziploc coupon and get it for $1! Or, at LD, buy 2 ziploc bags, and use the $2/2 coupons and 2 $1 coupons for free or close to free bags).

An unconfirmed deal: I heard that you can get 100 HBC points at Zellers or HBC everytime you bring in and use your re-useable bag - up to 5 bags or 500 pts per transaction - that would be quick (and easy) additions to your points cards, not to mention environmentally friendly! Now to check out if you can use any reuseable bag, or whether you have to use theirs. Will keep you posted.

Lastly - (phew, this is a great day for coupons!) be on the watch for the Rouge booklet coming in your local papers - there are a number of great coupons there - again, great to stack with coupons from here and elsewhere, at LD!

Great deal at Restaurant.com

For a limited time, you can purchase a $25 gift certificate here for participating restaurants for just $1!! I believe you can print off the gift certificate and use it right away, or hold it for later - expiry is 1 year. Please read the fine print before purchasing the gc as each restaurant has its limitations, expiry dates, etc. But $1 - c'mon, that's excuse enough to cross the border for a great meal, or a perfect opportunity to eat well (and cheaply) on vacation.

Use code NINETY at checkout to get the 90% discount!

10cent prints TODAY ONLY!

You can get 99 prints for 9.99 which is .10cents per print today only at Walmart online. Click here to get your cheap prints!

Monday, September 7, 2009

London Drugs/Zellers Jamieson vitamin deal

Real quick here, as we're off to enjoy the last day of summer before school starts tomorrow. If you have a London Drugs and Zellers near you, today is the last day that you can get this deal:

Here's what you do:
- Bring your Zellers ad to London Drugs to pricematch Jamieson vitamins at 50% off.
- Buy 3 vitamins/supplements and get $10 London Drugs giftcard.

I bought 6 bottles yesterday for $23 and got 2 $10 gc's ($20) so the vitamins cost $3.

LD did not want to honour the pricematch at first as they said Zellers was sold out. So I headed to Zellers and lo and behold, there were vitamins left on the shelf, so I bought 6 and brought it to LD to show them. The manager approved the match and I got my vitamins and $20 gc. I'll be returning the Zellers vitamins this week. They'll be 40% off the rest of the week.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Free movie passes for kids.

Purchase 4 specially marked packs of Oasis Fruit Zoo juice and get 1 free kids' movie pass! Perfect for this time of year when we're all stocking up juice boxes for back to school - getting a free movie ticket in the mix is bonus! (Note: you do have to mail the coupons in to claim the free pass).

I bought my packs from Superstore a few days ago for .98cents, I'm not sure if the sale is still on. If it is, this weekend is a great time to go buy more, as it is Tax Free day - so no tax on your juice! UPDATE: Yes, the sale is still on at Superstore, so get a 5-pack for .98, no tax.

I noticed that the packs are .99 at London Drugs, and there is a BOGO in the Safeway flyer. I wonder if LD will honour the BOGO - that way it would be .99 for 2 packs - even better! UPDATE: LD did not honour the BOGO as it was a Safeway Club Special price - the cashier explained the BOGO was a special deal for Club holders and LD can't match special Club deals ie Safeway Club, Costco, etc - I thought that was reasonable. Anyway, still a good buy! Will have to check the pricing at Safeway to see if the BOGO is an even better deal.

A reminder - no tax on Glade Scented Oil tins

If you printed out the coupons mentioned here, don't forget that you don't have to pay tax on it. I've tried it at a couple stores and one store didn't charge any tax with any questions, and another insisted tax had to be paid until I asked them to read the wording on the coupon carefully. After that, they didn't charge me the tax - as evidenced by the receipt in the photo! TRULY FREE. :)

Total savings this post: $8.94

Total savings towards debt this post: $4.47

Total savings towards debt this month: $11.47

Total savings towards debt so far: $159.16.

My house will smell nice and have clean bathtubs.

A quick run into London Drugs yesterday netted me a Glade Fresh Effects kit and 2 scrubbing bubbles Mega Foamers, for $2.78 including tax!

Here's how I did it:

Glade: On sale for $8.99, used a $5 coupon, a $2 coupon and 2 $2 coupons = FREE.
Mega Foamers: $2.99 each, used a BOGO coupon and a $2 off coupon to get 2 for .99!

Total savings this post: $13.99
Total savings towards debt so far this month: $7

Total savings towards debt so far: $154.69.
Paid towards debt/mortgage at end of August: $147.69 - this is above and beyond normal payments - woohoo!! This is a great motivator to coupon shop and save at the same time!

NOTE: As part of my commitment to pay extra payments mortgage/debt from 50% of my savings from this blog, I am paying the amount at the end of every month and will now list my monthly savings/payments as well. It's easier for me to keep track this way. Ignore the numbers if you wish! :)
The coupons were a mix of save.ca coupons as well as ones from the coupon inserts that are found in the local paper.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Ziploc coupons and contests.

New coupons for Ziploc!
- $2 off Ziploc Evolve bags (see below for note)

- $1 off snack bags

- $1 off Easy Zipper freezer bags

- $1 off Double Zipper bags

- $2 off any 2 Twist 'n' Loc or Snap 'n' Seal containers

Go here to get your coupons!
While you're there, you can sign up to win free pizza for a year, or to win a Broil King BBQ!
NOTE: The Ziploc Evolve bags are $2.27 at Superstore at the moment, so you can get a pack for .27 each! They are apparently the same price at Walmart, but my Walmart is so finicky with coupons that I prefer not to use them there. The bags are $2.49 at Zellers and $2.99 at London Drugs - both places accept the coupon as well.