Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Ziploc coupons and contests.

New coupons for Ziploc!
- $2 off Ziploc Evolve bags (see below for note)

- $1 off snack bags

- $1 off Easy Zipper freezer bags

- $1 off Double Zipper bags

- $2 off any 2 Twist 'n' Loc or Snap 'n' Seal containers

Go here to get your coupons!
While you're there, you can sign up to win free pizza for a year, or to win a Broil King BBQ!
NOTE: The Ziploc Evolve bags are $2.27 at Superstore at the moment, so you can get a pack for .27 each! They are apparently the same price at Walmart, but my Walmart is so finicky with coupons that I prefer not to use them there. The bags are $2.49 at Zellers and $2.99 at London Drugs - both places accept the coupon as well.

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