Monday, November 30, 2009

Start gathering next year's school supplies

Here's a quick freebie from the Public Health Agency of Canada, you can get a free eraser and ruler for the kids.

Be a product tester!

A while back I signed up here and today I received a 32-load Sunlight Green Clean bottle to try out. All I have to do is to complete a 10-question survey after I try my first load. A steal of a deal, if you ask me. Go sign up, you never know what they'll be sending you in the mail.

There's also sign ups for the guy in your life and also for little ones to get free stuff to try and test. Bonus!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Free stuff via email lists and a $5 coupon

I went to Chapters today to use my $5 coupon that came via email. It was a $5 no minimum spend coupon so I managed to get a Transformers book for Master Smith for absolutely free, and that will go into his stocking. It pays to join email lists sometimes! EDIT: Chapters HQ has cancelled this coupon early, it was to have expired on Dec 1. Good for you if you went in early and got to redeem your coupon!

Speaking of email lists, here's a few that I love because you get some great things via email:
1) RW&CO: sign up and get various coupons throughout the year, including a 25% coupon on your birthday!
****PS**** Here's a $25 off $85 coupon for RW&Co, good til Dec 5.

2) Red Robins: I got a free burger coupon for my birthday.
3) Orange Julius: I received a 2 for 1 coupon on my birthday. (You'll also get a coupon when you join their e-list).
4) Boston Pizza: I received a Free meal coupon for my birthday. (Get a free starter when you sign up as well!)

There's tons more such sites and e-lists but hope those will get you going and get you some free stuff!

Go here to complete a very short survey and get a $5 coupon for St Ives - they have a lot of items for under $5 so this will get you something for free!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Yet more deals.

Today only, get 3 items for $30 at The Body Shop. Anything over $10 is automatically reduced to $10 - a great deal! I happen to know Mr.Smith went today and got some tea tree oil stuff for himself and something for my birthday tomorrow as well.

If you're looking for Build A Bear deals, here's one: Buy $30 giftcards and get another $10 gc for $5. Not a great deal, but it's saving you $5 if you were meaning to get stuff there anyway.

Also, get 4 free 8x10s from Costco - perfect for those pics for the grandparents:
Go here to get started.
* Coupon Code: CWFE1123
* Discount: 4 free 8×10 prints
* Expires: 6th December 2009
*** Remember, you can also get 25 free 4x6 photos when you open a new Costco printing account as well! ***

And lastly, get a free Gildan tshirt by completing this survey here.

Freebie Friday!

Get a coupon for a free full size Alberto's product by clicking on their Facebook page here. Even if you don't use their product, you can use the coupon to try it out, or trade the coupon for other coupons you can use.

Also, get 5 sample cards from here - choose a card and click on "order sample." You can order up to 5 cards, and shipping is free too. Don't worry if you see shipping of $16.90, just click continue and you'll see a new page come up with the free shipping.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Glade Moneymaker!

Happy Friday! For those in the West (in Canada), today is the last tax-free day at Superstore, where you don't pay any GST/PST! I went yesterday and got $193 worth of groceries and household items for $100, plus I'll be getting $10 back in rebates and I got 3 $10 off Hasbro games, so my out of pocket was actually $60!

If you haven't heard, Superstore and Glade have partnered up to offer you a $5 PC card rebate when you purchase 2 Glade items. I pricematched candles yesterday (from Zellers), which were on for $5 and I used $4 coupons so I paid $1 for the candles and will get $5 back for every 2 that I purchased.

An easy way to capitalize on this deal is to pricematch the Glade Aerosol that is on for $1 at Zellers this week. Here's the deal:

1) Buy 16 Glade Aerosols at Superstore, pricematching them at $1 (using Zellers flyer)
2) Print 8 rebate forms from and either cut out (gently) the plastic coating with the UPC from the can, or write down the UPC # on a piece of paper, and send it off (see instructions from
3) Get back 8 $5 PC cards.

So you would spend $16 (no tax today, remember) and get back $40 - this would mean you will make $24, free and clear! You are allowed to claim up to 8 cards per household.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Zellers Friends and Family Event

This Sunday November 22, Zellers is having a Friends and Family sale, where you can get 10% off your purchase of regular priced, sale and clearanced items! It's a great way to save that little extra on your purchases, especially with coupons! :)

Remember to bring your email invite to get the discount, or if you didn't receive one, here's the link to one.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

FREE McDonald's coffee

McDonald's Canada is offering free small coffees every morning from 5.30am - 10.30am until Nov 29, no purchase necessary. Some places are allowing you to upgrade to larger sizes and only having you pay the difference between the small and the upgraded size. Other branches are charging you the full amount if you choose a larger size.

FREE Silk hosiery (Canadians only) - HURRY!

ETA: They've hit 500, survey is closed/giveaway is over!

Silk Hosiery is giving away 500 pairs of Silk Hosiery on their website after you complete a survey. Hurry, before supplies run out! I love the feel of Silks hosiery - this is a great freebie!

Go here to complete your survey (click survey link at bottom of the page).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Free Aveeno and Alberto's!

Alberto's is giving away coupons for free product to their first 20,000 fans on Facebook! Go here to get yours (hurry, supplies limited).

I forgot to mention an Aveeno freebie from Superstore this week. There is a $2 Aveeno coupon in their flyer. If you have your coupons for $2 off lotion and $2 off bodywash, you can get stuff for free or next to nothing as you can stack an instore coupon with a manufacturer coupon at Superstore, which in this case is $4 per item. I got a small tube of lotion ($3.99 - made a penny) and a bottle of bodywash with bonus lotion for $4.99 so in total I paid $0.98 for both items. :)

Free Glade Sense & Spray and Fresh Effects

This week (until closing, Thursday), Zellers has the Glade Sense & Spray kits and the Fresh Effects kits for $4.99. There was a number of Glade $5 coupons in the recent coupon flyers so go and get your free smellies for FREE! While you're at Zellers, check out the clearance aisles - there are up to 75% off yellow-tagged items - we got some great (useful) baby gifts for dirt cheap.

Another deal is that London Drugs is having the Sense & Spray for $7.98, Buy One, Get One (BOGO) FREE! So stack your $5 Sense & Spray coupon with a $2 any Glade, and get 2 Sense & Spray kits for .99cents.

My friend Sarah brought my attention to another fabulous deal at Pharmasave this week. They have Natural Instincts haircolour on sale for $5.49. Use your $5 Natural Instincts coupon and get the item for .49cents!

The last deal of the day is a multi-deal: Buy 3 Kelloggs cereals at Superstore and use the $3 off wyb 3 instore coupon for a $3 savings, and make sure you purchase the boxes with the $10 Hasbro coupon on it. Then take the $10 coupons and buy your boardgames for cheap! Zellers has all boardgames at Buy 1, get 2nd Half off this week.

Come back tomorrow, I will have a deal for yet another laundry detergent and some clothing deals to share as well!

Hurray for Greenworks winners!

Hey all,
Sorry I'm late with the giveaway, but got ill a bit there. Congratulations to Rebecca, Nicole, Kristin, Erin, Dawn, Sandra and Meliss - you guys have just won yourselves a sample of the Greenworks Laundry detergent, AND a Free Purchase Coupon (FPC) for a free 30-load laundry detergent bottle, value of up to $10.99!!! That's an amazing high value coupon, and I hope you use it and come back and tell us how you liked (ok, loved) the product. I've been using my bottle of detergent since I got it and love the way my clothes have been coming out of the wash/dryer.
Please email me at kmemeric at hotmail (dot) com with your address so I can drop it off or where you'd like to meet so I can pass the sample and coupons off to you.

I'll be posting with a follow up on reviews on the product as I've given quite a number of samples and coupons to family and friends and church people, so stay tuned!

Thanks again to Clorox Greenworks for sponsoring the samples and FPC!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Locals, try Greenworks detergent, for free!

Recently, I was picked as one of 50 bloggers chosen to receive, review and share about Clorox Greenworks products. A few days ago I received my fabulous package which included a 30-load Greenworks Natural laundry detergent as well as a Natural All Purpose cleaner for me to try out and review.

So far I've only used the laundry detergent and I love it. I was a bit surprised that once the clothes came out of the washer there was a slight scent to it, but then I realized the other detergent I had been using (Pink Solution) had no scent to it, so I had picked up on the slight Greenworks scent right away. After the clothes came out of the dryer, though, there was no scent, just a natural warm and clean feeling to the clothes. My family's not complained about the new detergent, so I will give this a thumbs up. I really like that it is almost 100% natural and that the clothes come out so clean smelling.

Now, the package also included some single load samples as well as some fantastic high value coupons for FREE Clorox Greenworks detergent, that I would LOVE to share with some of you locals. If you are not local to me, don't worry as there are 49 other giveaways that should be going on about now, just google for them, and I hope you find some in your area!

Today I'm giving away 20 samples of single load Clorox Greenworks detergent! Just post your name and two facts about Clorox Greenworks from their site here. One sample per person, please, so tell your friends and neighbours to come and post and win! I'll be announcing the sample giveaway winners on Thursday. Please ensure you are local to me, and can pick up the sample, or that you are close enough for me to drop off the sample. If we have more than 20 posters, we will use a random number generator to pick the winners.

Also on Thursday, I'll be giving away coupons for FREE detergent (a $10.99 value), so come back for your chance to win! Be prepared to either:
1) tell me why you want to try out / use Clorox Greenworks laundry detergent
2) share your review on the Greenworks line, if you have used it before.

You can win BOTH the free sample and the coupon, so post away!

Special thanks for and Clorox Greenworks for providing the samples and coupons to our readers!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

FREE laundry detergent, anyone?

I'll be posting about how you can get a free Greenworks laundry detergent sample and/or a coupon for a Greenworks 30-load laundry detergent bottle, on Monday! Make sure you're here!

London Drugs coupons

Get new instore coupons from London Drugs, here. You can also sign up for their newsletter to get future coupons in your inbox. Or, you can always come back here to Mrs.Smith's as we'll let you know everytime LD updates their coupons.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Amazing Campbell's Soup deals (expires today!)

Here's a fantastic last minute deal at London Drugs, which expires today! If you're looking for some Campbell's Tomato/Mushroom/Chicken Noodle/Veg soup, this is an unbeatable deal!

IMPORTANT PART OF THE DEAL: Stack the LD instore coupon in the flyerbook for more savings!! (expires today)

Deal 1: Tomato/mushroom/c.noodle/veg: .50 each at WM, pricematch at LD. Use instore coupon $1.50 off 6. So it will be $3 for 6 - $1.50 = $1.50. Then use 2 Campbells coupons save .50 off 3 so you will get $1 off 6 so final price is .50 for 6!!! TADDAAAAA!!!

Deal 2: Campbell's Creation is $1.89 at RCSS. PM at LD. Scenario: Buy 3. Use 3 BOGOF (I picked up some at SaveOn this week) so you end up with 6 for $5.67. Then use 2 of the instore LD coupons ($1.50 off 3) for $3 off, so that will be $2.67 for 6 or .45 each!

A great deal if you are out and desperately need it: Chunky: It's 3 for $5 somewhere, forget where. Pricematch. Then use instore coupon $1.50 off 3 so that makes it 3 for $3.50. Use B3G1 free for 4 for $3.50

With deal #1, that would make a case of 12 for $1 - amazing!

Remember, this deal ends today, Nov 1!!! Thank you, LD for more coupons!

I hope you all got to use up your coupons that expired Oct 31 by yesterday - I was there again yesterday and used up quite a number of coupons, and left quite a few on the shelves as well. I gave a few away to a couple there and showed them how to coupon stack, they loved it and were amazed that one can get such deals at LD - I told them,"welcome to your new favorite store!" LOL.

Have a great day, everyone.