Friday, November 27, 2009

Glade Moneymaker!

Happy Friday! For those in the West (in Canada), today is the last tax-free day at Superstore, where you don't pay any GST/PST! I went yesterday and got $193 worth of groceries and household items for $100, plus I'll be getting $10 back in rebates and I got 3 $10 off Hasbro games, so my out of pocket was actually $60!

If you haven't heard, Superstore and Glade have partnered up to offer you a $5 PC card rebate when you purchase 2 Glade items. I pricematched candles yesterday (from Zellers), which were on for $5 and I used $4 coupons so I paid $1 for the candles and will get $5 back for every 2 that I purchased.

An easy way to capitalize on this deal is to pricematch the Glade Aerosol that is on for $1 at Zellers this week. Here's the deal:

1) Buy 16 Glade Aerosols at Superstore, pricematching them at $1 (using Zellers flyer)
2) Print 8 rebate forms from and either cut out (gently) the plastic coating with the UPC from the can, or write down the UPC # on a piece of paper, and send it off (see instructions from
3) Get back 8 $5 PC cards.

So you would spend $16 (no tax today, remember) and get back $40 - this would mean you will make $24, free and clear! You are allowed to claim up to 8 cards per household.

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