Saturday, May 29, 2010

$1 coupon from Riceworks

Go here to print a $1 coupon for Riceworks!

Also, join their Advisory Panel... info from their website:
"Would you have interest in joining an ongoing Advisory Panel to provide Snack Alliance with continual feedback about riceworks®? By serving as a 'voice of the consumer', you would also gain insight about our future product plans such as new flavor possibilities and potential retail destinations for riceworks®. If selected to join our riceworks® Advisory Panel, you will be asked to complete one brief survey per month while having the opportunity to win prizes in exchange for your participation."

Go here to join their Advisory Panel.

Good for Canada.

Free Pantene sample from Walmart

Walmart is offering a free customized Pantene sample, go here to get yours!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jergens $2 coupon via Facebook

Jergens Canada is offering you a $2 coupon off their Natural Glow line if you "like" them on Facebook. Go here to get your coupon.

Canada only.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Canada's Biggest BBQ Event

President's Choice is hosting what they call Canada's Biggest BBQ Event and touring all over Quebec, Atlantic Canada, Alberta and BC, hosting free BBQ parties at various PC stores! You'll get a chance to sample free food, and enter to win a BBQ party as well! Go here for info, and click on "Check Out the Schedule."

For BC folks, they are hosting 3 this long weekend: today at the Pitt Meadows location, the Richmond location on Sunday and the Surrey King George store on Monday.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Trying out a new London Drugs location - Marine & Byrne

I'd heard that London Drugs had opened up a new store in Burnaby on Marine and Byrne and had not gotten a chance to go but as I had to go to the airport today I thought I'd stop by and "test" it out and see what kind of customer service I would receive there.

I found the location easily, and found ample parking, and got a cart easily.

The store itself is a nice size, bright, clean and relatively quiet. I was there on a Friday afternoon around 3pm. Their shelves seemed well-stocked, and they had a good number of staff around. I approached the customer service desk and said,"I have a question about pricematching."

To which the CS person groaned and said,"oh no, pricematching, we don't like pricematching!"

I was slightly shocked, but in that same breath the CS person said,"I'm kidding!"

She was very nice and answered my question (no limits unless indicated on the flyer), and off I went shopping. I bought 6 Old Spice Bodywashes, 2 Old Spice antiperspirants, 4 Cascade Action Pacs (I know, read this post), 2 Clorox Wipes and 2 Clorox spray cleaners.

I approached the CS desk and the same CS lady rubbed her hands together and said,"Ok, give me your best shot!"

I had pricematching from Zellers and Pharmasave as well as LD-priced items, and I must say, the pricematching process was one of the smoothest I've ever experienced. There were 2 staff at the CS desk helping me (no line ups behind me), and their attitudes were positive, their rapport with one another seemed wonderful and I felt very welcome as a couponer at the cs desk.

They handled my stack of coupons professionally as if they see them often (which apparently they do), and although the CS person missed out $3 worth of coupons, once I pointed that out to her, she apologized and quickly fixed the error.

Throughout the whole process, the cashier did not seem flustered nor upset, rather, she was very welcoming and treated me like a customer (and you'll notice I do not call myself a "regular customer" vs a "couponing customer") should be treated. There was a good stream of conversation and I left quite pleased.

My highlights:
- staff were courteous, well-informed and customer focused
- staff had a sense of humour
- staff had pride in their work (evident when I told her I'd heard good things about their store, and she high fived her colleague)
- products were in stock, pricematched with no problems
- advertised products were in stock

The downside:
- CS person missed $3 worth of coupons. Another reason to have your lists/coupons ready and documented before you start your shopping!
- I suppose to the CS person I looked like someone who can take a joke, because otherwise her "we don't like pricematching" comment might have seemed odd/rude.

I do recommend the Marine and Byrne location, and regret that I did not get the names of the 2 ladies at CS who helped me. I may call in tomorrow to let their manager know that I appreciated the good service I received today.

Here's the location if you are in the area (scroll down to the bottom).

Here's a little challenge for you Extreme Shoppers this week: if you receive good service at the store of your choice, why not let a manager know?

And in case you were wondering, I ended up paying $6.14 for the items, out of which $5.38 was tax, so I actually paid .76cents for all the items (before tax).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free potatoes from The Little Potato Company

This one's a good one, since it's harder to find coupons much less FREEBIE coupons for produce and such. Go here and scroll down to the bottom for a printable coupon for a free 2lb bag of little potatoes from the Little Potato Company! Their products are found in various stores such as Safeway, Walmart, etc. Go here to check out their store locator.

Free Chapman's products

Chapman's is a great Canadian success story, a family-owned business that grew through great products and customer service. They went through a very bad time late last year with a devastating fire that destroyed their entire plant but have regrouped and are back in business. If you've never tried Chapman's, (or certain PC brands as they make ice cream for Loblaws as well, I believe), here's a chance to get a $5 Free Product Coupon for any Chapmans products! This is a once a year coupon request, just contact them here, and request a coupon. If you've tried the product, let them know that as well, and they'll send you a coupon as well! Perfect timing for the hot sunny weather coming this summer!

Get your paper in Surrey!

A lot of you in Surrey have been mentioning that you don't get your local paper (where the weekly flyers are, and where the coveted coupon inserts can be found twice a month). Besides calling your local newspaper office and making sure your house address is on the "deliver" list, you can also now pick up newspapers at various drop boxes around the city. Note that sometimes these papers may not have all the flyers/coupon inserts in them. Also, please just take one extra copy, and not the whole stack. That would be unfair to others, just think how frustrated you'd be if you went to get your paper and there were none left, or worse, the whole stack is there but no flyers/coupon inserts. Let's play fair and be kind to one another, ok? :)

Here's the link to Surrey drop boxes.

Free cake from Thrifty Foods

Did you know that you can get a FREE birthday cake for your 1-year old child from Thrifty Foods? Yes, you can! Go here for more information. You might want to call your local branch to see if they offer this freebie. Happy cake eating!

I'm addicted - call the Extreme Shopping Police!

(Total paid: $2.87, out of which $1.49 was tax)

It's a sick, sick thing, this.

I call it Addiction to Cascade Action Pacs. or ACAP for short.

In my classes, I warn students of the potential Hoarding Syndrome, where one seeks to turn their home into a store filled with all the cheap/free stuff.

Let the teacher be the student, because I've tossed all warnings to the winds and I've become enslaved to the Action Pacs once again. Curse you, ACAP!

When one has 20 Action Pacs in one's closet, one does not need to go and buy another 2, or 4 or even 6 more packs. Especially when you have to pay .19 cents for each. That's $1.20 down the drain (literally).

Oh, ACAP is devastating.

Let this be a warning to you. You could end up with 26 Action Pacs in your closet, either free or under 20cents per pack. Can you afford to hoard $155 worth of dishwashing tabs that you bought for under $5 total?

But oh, students, just in case this warning has not turned you off Cascade Action Pacs, you can still get them for .19cents til Monday - just read the Class Blog on how to do it.

(Side note: You can substitute just about any product into this post, ie Greenworks would be Addiction to GreenWorks Products or AGWP, free cereal would be Addiction to Free Cereal or AFC, and on and on).

Picture above is of the 4 Vector boxes I brought home yesterday. Original box was $3.00, and 8 boxes so far have been brought home (for free). 3 have been polished off. A rising tide of panic is surging up, MUST.GO.GET.MORE.FREE.CEREAL. See, that's the Addiction to Free Cereal (AFC) talking. You'd know I have the AFC because there are 30 other boxes of cereal in my basement. The way my kids eat cereal, that will last me til next month.

And just to show you how tenacious this addiction to All Things Cheap or Free (ATCF) is, I actually have enough coupons to get 10 GreenWorks Natural Cleaning Products and 5 GreenWorks laundry detergent for a grand total of $2.50 plus tax. But I am fighting the fight and resisting the urge. Because, if you've seen my recent FB post, I came home with 8 totally free Sunlight detergents this week. I don't need to be spending $2.50 on 15 GreenWorks products. Especially since I just bought 2 GW wipes yesterday. Besides, I don't have space to keep them all. I just tell myself, there will always be another sale. I'll get them then. Yes. That's it. *Phew* crisis averted. (and again, if you must know how to get this deal, check out the class blog).

The addiction is strong. The highs that you get from it can last for days. And then you'd need the next hit, the next freebie. Watch out for The Addiction, students. You've been warned!

Last PS: Sigh. Yes, in case you didn't catch it, this is meant to be a tongue in cheek post. I actually don't hate ACAP. I'm trying to curb it because of lack of storage space, but if not for that, I would be all for ACAPs. And AGWP, AFC and ATCF, and all that good stuff). This post is not meant to belittle any sort of addiction and its consequences.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Value Village 50% sale today!

Get 50% off clothing, shoes, accessories, and items tagged bed and bath, at all Value Village locations in Canada today from 7am-9pm! Go here for more information.

For US locations, your sale is May 31!

Friday, May 14, 2010

New Smartsource insert!

There is a new SmartSource insert due in your local papers this weekend! Here's its contents:

$1.00 wyb 1 bag of friskies dry cat food, any size
$1.00 wyb 2 (60g) pouches Friskies Party Mix
$2.00 wyb 1 bag of Purina Beneful dog food, any size, any variety
$1.25 one pkg of Purina Beneful prepared meals dog food, any variety
$1.00 one pkg of Purina Beneful Snackin’ slices dog snack, any size
$1.00 on 1 bag of Purina T-Bonz brand dog treats, any size, any variety
$1.00 on any 2 bags of Purina Beggin’ Strips brand dog treats, any variety
$1.00 wyb 10 85g tins of any Fancy Feast wet entrees
$1.00 on 1 bag on Healthful Life Purina cat chow, any size
$2.00 wyb any 2 bottles (any size) of 2X ultra Sunlight
$1.00 on any Snuggle liquid or sheets fabric softener
$1.50 on Elastoplast heavy Fabric product
$1.00 on any Elastoplast product
$1.00 on any Pert Plus (300ml or larger)
$1.50 on any Pert Plus 3 in 1 product
$2.00 on any 1 Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants
$5.00 on the purchase of 1 Lysol No-Touch Hand soap System
$2.50 on 1 Pkg of Huggies Pull-ups (jumbo pack or larger)
$1.00 on 1 pkg of Pull-ups Flushable Moist wipes
B1G1 on any Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gels
$2.00 on 1 pkg Poise pads or 2 pkgs of Poise liners
$5.00 with the purchase of $10.00 of any Glade product
$1.50 on any 1 Depend guards for Men
$2.00 on any 1 Depend underwear in prints and colours
B2G1 on any Raid product
$2.00 on Off Familycare Eucalptus Lotion
Buy 2 get 1 any Off Spray or Lotion Product, excluding Off Powerpad
Buy 2 save $10.00 on any Off Powerpad mosquito Lamp or Off Powerpad Mosquito Lantern
$1.00 on any Brut product
$1.50 on any Woolight Carpet Cleaner
$1.00 wyb a 6-roll of Cascade Enviro Extreme 100% recycled Paper towels
$1.00 wyb a 12-double roll, a 24-single roll or a 24-double roll pack of Cascade Enviro 100% recycled bathroom tissue

Thursday, May 13, 2010

J&J Essential pack - 50% off

At Toys R Us stores this week, the J&J Essentials pack is 50% off, on for $2.97. With the many coupons out there you can get this item for free to $1.97, so stock up for your baby needs. (I'm thinking this would be great as part of a baby shower gift).

The Essential Pack includes:

1 - Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash 29mL

1 - Johnson's Baby Lotion 29mL

1 - Johnson's Baby Shampoo 44mL

1 - Johnson's Baby Powder with aloe & vitamin E - Pure Cornstarch 42g

2 - Johnson's Nursing Pads and 1 - Penaten Cream 72g

Please help!

For those of you who have taken my classes, you've heard me talk about how you can use the Extreme Method to bless others and to impact your community. I hope you have found it to be true. If you've not put this into practice yet, here is a local opportunity that I hope will speak to your hearts.

I received an email this morning from a friend of mine. She has a friend who is currently going through a period of hardship and it has rested heavily on my heart, so I was glad to receive the email this morning that I will share below:

"Hi Couponing Queens or those like me who may someday reach that designation,

I have a request. I'm trying to put together a basket of goods for a dear friend and her son. A year ago, she was literally abandoned and had all her resources i.e., financial and anything material (including clothes for her and her son) taken from her by her husband. I don't want to go into the details, but will say it has been an extremely difficult in every sense. She is currently living with her mother in a 600 sq. ft living space. Her mother is recovering from a very serious illness. This week has been particularly low for her. Despite her efforts in applying for over 350 jobs, she is severely underemployed with work 1 to 2 days a week which is challenging as for her shifts are 12 hours and she must pay childcare in order to work.

Would you or a friend like to help? I am gathering, funds or gift cards, clothing, food, cleaning supplies, toys, and other little treats for my dear friend and her son.

Her son who is 4 and still in preschool is a very big boy. He is a size 5 pants, size 6 top and size 13 shoe. His hands and head are big i.e., hats or gloves. If you have any second hand clothing or know someone who does and would like to pass it on, I know she would be forever grateful. She her self is a size 9/10 and wears more sporty kind of clothing. (What mother with young children doesn't?)

I will be going to see her on the long weekend and would like to have everything together by Saturday May 22.

Thank you in advance for you love and blessings."

Here is your chance to help, Extreme Shoppers! I'm challenging you to choose at least 5 items from your stockpile (yes, I'm talking to those of you with stockpiles of free cereal, lol) to donate. It doesn't have to be 5 items of course, even if it's one item, if all of us pitch in, we could really do a world of difference for this lady and her son. Let's bless them both and show them God's love and grace in action. I hope you will join me and pitch in. I appreciate it, and I know she will even more so.

I will be out in Surrey/Langley on May 18 - please email me at if you have things to give/donate, and I can meet you at the LD Langley at 6-6.30pm. I can also pick up items in New West on the 20th. If you'd rather drop items off, I am in PoCo, please email me for address drop off. PLEASE email me to let me know you are coming so I will expect you!!

I am praying for a most generous outpouring of love from Extreme Shoppers, so if you can't make any of these dates for pick up/drop offs, please email me to work out other mutually beneficial times. Seriously, as someone told me today, we all have too much NOT to share. Please help!

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Save $5 on Glade wyb SCJohnson - London Drugs!

There is a coupon from London Drugs here for $5 off any Glade product when you buy 3 SC Johnson products. This is a great deal especially if you use coupons for the SC Johnson products as well!

Don't forget to also use the $5 wyb 3 SCJ coupon peelies that can be found on some SCJ products such as the Scrubbing Bubbles.

Please note, I'm posting this with a caveat as LD has a policy that printable coupons are to have a max value of $2, but this coupon is currently found on both the LD Facebook page as well as on LD website itself. I called LD HQ and they did not know of any change to this policy (although I have heard it may be under review to change... if so then YAY). I was transferred to my local LD branch and they didn't know either. So... hmmm.

***UPDATE*** Store managers have discretion to accept printable coupons over $2. I spoke with a manager from the Coq Ctr branch and was advised if the coupon from from the LD site they will accept it with no issues. If you have any issues tell them the coupon was from the LD site and ask for a manager to approve it. You might also want to take a screenshot of the PDF from the LD site and print that just so you can prove it came from the LD site.

Anyway, the coupon is a manufacturer coupon so it can be used elsewhere if LD does not accept it. Which would be strange since it's on their FB and website.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Swimco turns 35 contest

Swimco is celebrating its 35th birthday and has 2 ways to celebrate with you! From May 10-16, you can enter to win a $350 shopping spree by filling in an entry form instore. Also, if you happen to turn 35 on May 13, you'll want to go to any Swimco store on that date, show your ID, and get a free swimsuit of your choice! That'd be a great birthday freebie!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Marble Slab - free ice cream

As posted here, you can sign up for Marble Slab's newsletter/birthday club and get an email for free ice cream on your birthday. Little Mr.Smith celebrates his birthday soon and received an email for a free original sized ice cream plus one mixing and couldn't wait to put it to use.

After an afternoon at the park, we went to let him redeem his coupon. He received a large scoop (I was told it was actually 2 scoops) plus his sprinkles and he and his sister agreed it was big enough for both of them to share, which they did happily. Little Mr.Smith was very proud to tell me that by using the birthday coupon I saved $5 today! They were happy as the ice cream was delicious and plentiful, and I was glad I didn't have to pay $5 for a scoop of ice cream!

So if you haven't signed up yet, go now, and you'll get to enjoy your free birthday ice cream too!

Picture is taken of them after they polished off half the ice cream. There was A LOT!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Red Plum coupon insert - May 8

Red Plum coupon insert - May 8
The Red Plum coupon insert should be in your local papers this weekend, mine came and here's what's in it:
$1 off Glysomed Foot Balm/Body Lotion 500 ml
$2 off any Old Spice Body Wash
50cents Ultra Downy fabric softener or sheets
.75cents wyb Always pantiliner product
$10 off The Shoe Company (restrictions)
$3 off Adult Haircut and Free Haircut with colour service from Magicuts

and some other advertisements.

Kind of a disappointing coupon insert for me, how about you?

Canada only.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kelloggs' Fiber Plus sample and contest

Want your fibre and a chance to travel? Get a free sample of Kellogg's Fibre Plus, AND enter to win a spa/travel package worth $5,000! Go here to enter. You can refer people for more chances to win as well!

HBC Handbag Trade in Event

If you're in the market for a new handbag, then consider trading in your used, clean handbag at the Bay and receive a discount on your new bag!

As seen on the Bay site, this event gives you discounts of $15 - $50 and your bag, along with a $20 HBC card, will be donated to women in local shelters.

Trade in event ends tomorrow, so get there if you've got a bag to trade and want to get a new one (with a discount!) :) Maybe a mother's day gift to yourself, perhaps? :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ziploc - Win a BBQ

Ziploc is running 2 contests on its site at the moment, the first having to do with BBQ and the other with pizza!

From the site: "Submit a UPC code from ANY Ziploc® brand product for your chance to WIN sizzlin’ prizes and 1 of 20 great weekly prizes ."

You could win 1 of 3 Broil King BBQ prize packs:
a Broil King® Imperial XL Gas Grill
a $500 gift certificate for The Perfect Steak
a gas Smoker
a portable BBQ
an outdoor fireplace
a stainless steel tool set, and more!

OR you could also win1 of 10 Win Pizzas for a Year packages!

Go here to enter!

Also, there is a $2 coupon there for the printing. :)

Gap 30% off

Have you heard of Sprize? It's a new program put out by Gap where you can actually get money back, here's how:
(from the Sprize website)

- Make a purchase at a participating Vancouver area Gap store. It's easy.

- After 45 days, if the prices on the items you purchased have dropped, we will automatically credit the difference to your Sprize account.

- Come back and use your SprizeMoney on whatever you want in our stores.

One of my very favourite things about Sprize is not the program itself (although it's a great idea!!), is that to my delight, its tagline is "Shopping Turned on Its Head." If you've attended my classes, you'd have heard me say that the Extreme Shopping method is shopping turned upside down. The idea of savings REALLY is making a difference in retail!

If you are a Sprize member, you might have received a 30% one time use coupon off your entire purchase at the GAP, good for May 6-10. (I can't share the coupon as it's a one time use code)

To sign up for Sprize, go here.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Free Kelloggs bar

Get your free Kelloggs All Bran Honey Nut bar and a .50cent coupon here!

Canada only.

Free coffee for everyone!!

Now, I don't spam or send out unnecessary emails, so I'm posting this on the blog and on FB. If you would like a $2 coupon for coffee AND get a way to get free coffee, PLEASE email me at kmemeric at hotmail dot com for an invite to a great coffee company. I've used this company often and love their promos and rewards. Right now if I refer friends to their reward program I can get free coffee. Referred friends get a $2 coupon and then you can get free coffee too by referring others. So if you're interested in getting a $2 coupon, some free coffee and also helping me get some free coffee, email me at kmemeric at hotmail dot com and I'll send you the invite and we can all be happy with our coffee! Thank you! :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Willowbrook Mall contests

Willowbrook Mall in Langley, BC is giving away prizes for Mother's Day!

First up, a movie prize pack consisting of 4 movie tickets and popcorn! Enter here.

They are also offering a chance to win a $1000 Shopping Spree for Mom! Enter here.

Free Gillette Fusion from London Drugs!

Easy way to get a free Gillette Fusion sample, from the London Drugs facebook page:
Bring in your old Gillette Mach 3 or Gillette Sensor razor to our customer service desk and get a FREE sample Gillette Fusion Razor. While quantities last.

Root Awakening sample

I'm going to share a giveaway and contest info with you but be forewarned, enter at your own risk. I personally did not enter. I usually enter every contest/giveaway that I post, or at very least, I check it out before posting.

In this case, Root Awakening Canada is giving away 15,000 samples of the Root Awakening product here but when you click on it, it asks you for permission to pull information from you, your friends, etc and I was not willing to share that information so I did not request a sample sachet.

They are also running a contest for a getaway to Australia but the same application pops up and wants permission to get information so I did not enter as well.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A fundraiser for Linda

I had started this blog post off by saying,"Forgive me for taking the liberty," but then I realized that I wasn't really sorry for this post. Yes, it's a post about fundraising, a post that asks you to perhaps donate to someone, a post that takes money out of your pocket...

If you've attended my classes you'd have heard me say over and over,"save your money." But in this case, I'm also asking you to remember what else I share in class:"Do what you want with your money. Do something else with your money." Share. Donate. Bless others.

And in this case, here's a way to bless someone else in a way only you can.

Meet Linda. She is a scrapbooking acquaintance of mine. I don't even think we've met. We've met online, read each other's blogs on and off, and generally knew of one another. About a year ago, her life changed, in drastic ways. She caught pneumonia, went into a coma, her heart stopped, but she lived. She lost her legs, tips of her fingers, all her hair and 30 pounds.

I hope all you mamas out there are thinking what I am thinking: That it could have been anyone. It could have been you, me, your sister, your friend... anyone. And also, once it's happened, how do you as a mom go on? Linda has a husband and 2 young boys - and she still has a role to play. Caring for her family, and herself.

Linda's faced a lot of adversity in the last year and continues to face more including medical bills, finding a new home (without stairs) and more. One of my favourite kit clubs is holding a fundraiser for her, and the prizes are out of this world. Can you say Greece? Yes, Greece. Go here to read all about it, and donate. Use some of that $ you've saved from the Extreme Shopping method and bless someone else with it. And you might end up with one of the prizes, or even land up in Greece. :)

Thank you. And no, I'm still not sorry for this post. :)

$3 Tresemme coupon by mail

Go here to order your $3 coupon. Hopefully it arrives, according to the Tresemme site it will arrive in about 5 weeks. I had signed up for the $2 coupon by mail a while back and did not receive it, so hopefully this new coupon will arrive.

Breathe Right and a London Drugs connection

Have you noticed that when you are searching for someone on Facebook, that there could be many versions of their name? For example, London Drugs: there is LondonDrugs (the Company), London Drugs (the Company - only difference is the space between London and Drugs), and London Drugs (the Organization)!

The reason I bring this up is that last week, one of the London Drugs fanned or "liked" the MrsSmith Facebook page! That is fun stuff, folks! I'm thrilled because when I clicked back on the London Drugs icon, I found a great blog that I'm going to share with you. Please note, I did not receive any incentives to tell you about this blog, I'm just sharing with you because it has to do with London Drugs and I actually enjoy the writings of the blog author.

The blog I'm referring to is Ken's Kool. It's penned by a buyer for London Drugs, and includes behind the scenes information about LD, and also includes updates on new products being sold at LD. But you are saying, that's good, but are there coupons on the blog? I was delighted to find out, and to report that yes, there are coupons on the blog!

Here's a few I've found:
$4 Breathe Right coupon
Dr.Scholl Skin Tag Remover
$2 off Cold F-X

Mr.Vannucci also has a Kenskool Facebook page here.

I'm looking forward to see what else he posts about, and hopefully he'll have more of those exclusive coupons to share. After all, that's what gets us into London Drugs, right? ;)

Tylenol and Motrin recall

From the Vancouver Sun site:

Eleven formulations of over-the-counter children’s cold and allergy medicine are being recalled in Canada as part of a larger worldwide recall for failing to meet quality standards.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare said Saturday that all lots of Children’s Motrin and Infant’s Motrin liquid suspension products and Children’s Tylenol Cough & Runny Nose liquid suspension products are being recalled.

No other Canadian product is affected, the company said in a release.

The company said the recall was issued, in consultation with Health Canada, because “these products may not fully meet the required manufacturing specifications.”

The company said the recalled products do not pose a safety risk to children who have consumed them.

In the United States, more than 40 over-the-counter kids medications under the brand names Tylenol, Tylenol Plus, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl are being recalled by the company, a subsidiary of pharmaceutical and health care giant Johnson & Johnson.

The affected products in Canada are:

• Infant’s Motrin Suspension Drops Dye-Free, 30 ml (DIN 02238626)

• Infant’s Motrin Suspension Drops Dye-Free, 15 ml (DIN 02238626)

• Children’s Motrin Suspension Dye-Free, 120 ml (DIN 02242365)

• Children’s Motrin Suspension, 120 ml (DIN 02242365)

• Children’s Motrin Suspension Grape, 120 ml (DIN 02242365)

• Children’s Motrin Suspension Grape, 30 ml (DIN 02242365)

• Children’s Motrin Suspension Bubblegum, 120 ml (DIN 02242365)

• Children’s Motrin Suspension Tropical Punch, 120 ml (DIN 02242365)

• Infant’s Motrin Suspension for Fever due to Colds/Flu, 30 ml (DIN 02238626)

• Children’s Motrin Suspension for Fever due to Colds/Flu, 120 ml (DIN 02242365)

• Children’s Tylenol Cough & Runny Nose Suspension, 100 ml (DIN 02292122)

Company spokeswoman Tina Peyregatt says no illnesses have been reported so far, and stresses no other infant’s or children’s Tylenol products are affected, nor are any medicines in tablet form.

“We want to make sure Canadians aren’t concerned or panicking” about products that aren’t on the recall list, she said, adding she doesn’t expect the list to grow.

Asked whether children who may have consumed the product are in any danger, Peyregatt said no.

“There’s no safety concern,” she said. “This is a precautionary measure.”

The issue is that some products may not meet manufacturing specifications, she said, noting the recall is voluntary.

While some items in the U.S. recall reportedly contain higher concentrations of an active ingredient than specified, Peyregatt said that is not the case in Canada.

Customers are nonetheless urged to stop using the recalled products and contact the company at 1-888-222-6036 or visit for more information.

“The company is conducting a comprehensive quality assessment across its manufacturing operations and has identified corrective actions that will be implemented before new manufacturing is initiated at the U.S. plant where the recalled products were made,” the company said.
© Copyright (c) Canwest News Service

Read more:

London Drugs Mother's Day event (on Saturday)

From the London Drugs Facebook page:

Come celebrate Mom (or that special someone in your life) and all that she is to you at London Drugs Lougheed Mall on Saturday, May 8th. We have many exciting events happening that day including:

- A Lise Waiter makeover with a representative (call 604-448-4825 to book your appointment)
- Hand and Ankle Henna
- Face, Eye Brow and Upper Lip Threading
- An Epson demo showing you how easy it is to print photos at home.
- An up to date look at point and shoot digital cameras and Video cameras complete with an under water demo.
- Free gift wrapping on your Mother's Day purchase in store.
- $20-$150 London Drugs Cosmetic Gift Cards free with the purchase of select Televisions.
- Hourly draws for exciting gift baskets (enter to win with every purchase)
- Free samples and gifts for everyone.
- Special pricing on select lap tops helping you get ready for the summer/fall school year.
- A demonstration on ordering photo books on line from the comfort of your own home.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Win a shopping spree at Ikea!

I just might enter this one myself, Ikea's such a fun place to shop. :)

From the Ikea Coquitlam site:

Here is the perfect gift for mom on Mother's Day: A $500 SHOPPING SPREE AT IKEA COQUITLAM!

Visit us on Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 9) between 1pm and 3pm in the Bathroom department upstairs in the showroom, and enter your mom for a chance to win a shopping spree that same day.

One lucky winner will be chosen from all eligible entries at 4pm. The winner must be present in the store in order to claim the $500 shopping spree and it must be completed by store closing (6pm) that same day.

Make IKEA Coquitlam a must-stop destination on Mother’s Day, your mom may very well thank you for it!

Mother's Day pictures... from Ikea?

From the Ikea Richmond site:
Hey kid’s! Give mom the picture perfect Mother’s Day gift. Join us in-store on Saturday, May 1st from 10AM-12PM and get your picture taken with mom for FREE. Photos will be taken by a professional photographer and each family will receive one complimentary 5x7 photo. Pictures will be taken on a first come, first served basis as time allows.

I guess it's a pretty smart marketing move, to get the family to Ikea... plus they sell photo frames too, to put the pictures in.

So if you're in the Richmond area, here's your chance to get some free photos!