Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm addicted - call the Extreme Shopping Police!

(Total paid: $2.87, out of which $1.49 was tax)

It's a sick, sick thing, this.

I call it Addiction to Cascade Action Pacs. or ACAP for short.

In my classes, I warn students of the potential Hoarding Syndrome, where one seeks to turn their home into a store filled with all the cheap/free stuff.

Let the teacher be the student, because I've tossed all warnings to the winds and I've become enslaved to the Action Pacs once again. Curse you, ACAP!

When one has 20 Action Pacs in one's closet, one does not need to go and buy another 2, or 4 or even 6 more packs. Especially when you have to pay .19 cents for each. That's $1.20 down the drain (literally).

Oh, ACAP is devastating.

Let this be a warning to you. You could end up with 26 Action Pacs in your closet, either free or under 20cents per pack. Can you afford to hoard $155 worth of dishwashing tabs that you bought for under $5 total?

But oh, students, just in case this warning has not turned you off Cascade Action Pacs, you can still get them for .19cents til Monday - just read the Class Blog on how to do it.

(Side note: You can substitute just about any product into this post, ie Greenworks would be Addiction to GreenWorks Products or AGWP, free cereal would be Addiction to Free Cereal or AFC, and on and on).

Picture above is of the 4 Vector boxes I brought home yesterday. Original box was $3.00, and 8 boxes so far have been brought home (for free). 3 have been polished off. A rising tide of panic is surging up, MUST.GO.GET.MORE.FREE.CEREAL. See, that's the Addiction to Free Cereal (AFC) talking. You'd know I have the AFC because there are 30 other boxes of cereal in my basement. The way my kids eat cereal, that will last me til next month.

And just to show you how tenacious this addiction to All Things Cheap or Free (ATCF) is, I actually have enough coupons to get 10 GreenWorks Natural Cleaning Products and 5 GreenWorks laundry detergent for a grand total of $2.50 plus tax. But I am fighting the fight and resisting the urge. Because, if you've seen my recent FB post, I came home with 8 totally free Sunlight detergents this week. I don't need to be spending $2.50 on 15 GreenWorks products. Especially since I just bought 2 GW wipes yesterday. Besides, I don't have space to keep them all. I just tell myself, there will always be another sale. I'll get them then. Yes. That's it. *Phew* crisis averted. (and again, if you must know how to get this deal, check out the class blog).

The addiction is strong. The highs that you get from it can last for days. And then you'd need the next hit, the next freebie. Watch out for The Addiction, students. You've been warned!

Last PS: Sigh. Yes, in case you didn't catch it, this is meant to be a tongue in cheek post. I actually don't hate ACAP. I'm trying to curb it because of lack of storage space, but if not for that, I would be all for ACAPs. And AGWP, AFC and ATCF, and all that good stuff). This post is not meant to belittle any sort of addiction and its consequences.


  1. I just picked up some Cascades with Dawn last night. Happy to see it's okay for our septic tank. AND because it has Dawn in it...they let me use the Dawn coupons against them too.

  2. Those wipes would be a great donation to your childrens classrooms.

  3. class blog? where is it and hopw do I find out how to get these free?