Monday, May 3, 2010

A fundraiser for Linda

I had started this blog post off by saying,"Forgive me for taking the liberty," but then I realized that I wasn't really sorry for this post. Yes, it's a post about fundraising, a post that asks you to perhaps donate to someone, a post that takes money out of your pocket...

If you've attended my classes you'd have heard me say over and over,"save your money." But in this case, I'm also asking you to remember what else I share in class:"Do what you want with your money. Do something else with your money." Share. Donate. Bless others.

And in this case, here's a way to bless someone else in a way only you can.

Meet Linda. She is a scrapbooking acquaintance of mine. I don't even think we've met. We've met online, read each other's blogs on and off, and generally knew of one another. About a year ago, her life changed, in drastic ways. She caught pneumonia, went into a coma, her heart stopped, but she lived. She lost her legs, tips of her fingers, all her hair and 30 pounds.

I hope all you mamas out there are thinking what I am thinking: That it could have been anyone. It could have been you, me, your sister, your friend... anyone. And also, once it's happened, how do you as a mom go on? Linda has a husband and 2 young boys - and she still has a role to play. Caring for her family, and herself.

Linda's faced a lot of adversity in the last year and continues to face more including medical bills, finding a new home (without stairs) and more. One of my favourite kit clubs is holding a fundraiser for her, and the prizes are out of this world. Can you say Greece? Yes, Greece. Go here to read all about it, and donate. Use some of that $ you've saved from the Extreme Shopping method and bless someone else with it. And you might end up with one of the prizes, or even land up in Greece. :)

Thank you. And no, I'm still not sorry for this post. :)

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