Thursday, May 20, 2010

Get your paper in Surrey!

A lot of you in Surrey have been mentioning that you don't get your local paper (where the weekly flyers are, and where the coveted coupon inserts can be found twice a month). Besides calling your local newspaper office and making sure your house address is on the "deliver" list, you can also now pick up newspapers at various drop boxes around the city. Note that sometimes these papers may not have all the flyers/coupon inserts in them. Also, please just take one extra copy, and not the whole stack. That would be unfair to others, just think how frustrated you'd be if you went to get your paper and there were none left, or worse, the whole stack is there but no flyers/coupon inserts. Let's play fair and be kind to one another, ok? :)

Here's the link to Surrey drop boxes.

1 comment:

  1. do they do this in vancouver??? the people that live upstairs don't allow any flyers or courier papers to be delivered here.

    Its always hit and miss for me to pick one up at a cafe or something in the neighborhood and i totally missed out this week!