Monday, May 3, 2010

Breathe Right and a London Drugs connection

Have you noticed that when you are searching for someone on Facebook, that there could be many versions of their name? For example, London Drugs: there is LondonDrugs (the Company), London Drugs (the Company - only difference is the space between London and Drugs), and London Drugs (the Organization)!

The reason I bring this up is that last week, one of the London Drugs fanned or "liked" the MrsSmith Facebook page! That is fun stuff, folks! I'm thrilled because when I clicked back on the London Drugs icon, I found a great blog that I'm going to share with you. Please note, I did not receive any incentives to tell you about this blog, I'm just sharing with you because it has to do with London Drugs and I actually enjoy the writings of the blog author.

The blog I'm referring to is Ken's Kool. It's penned by a buyer for London Drugs, and includes behind the scenes information about LD, and also includes updates on new products being sold at LD. But you are saying, that's good, but are there coupons on the blog? I was delighted to find out, and to report that yes, there are coupons on the blog!

Here's a few I've found:
$4 Breathe Right coupon
Dr.Scholl Skin Tag Remover
$2 off Cold F-X

Mr.Vannucci also has a Kenskool Facebook page here.

I'm looking forward to see what else he posts about, and hopefully he'll have more of those exclusive coupons to share. After all, that's what gets us into London Drugs, right? ;)

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