Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gap 30% off

Have you heard of Sprize? It's a new program put out by Gap where you can actually get money back, here's how:
(from the Sprize website)

- Make a purchase at a participating Vancouver area Gap store. It's easy.

- After 45 days, if the prices on the items you purchased have dropped, we will automatically credit the difference to your Sprize account.

- Come back and use your SprizeMoney on whatever you want in our stores.

One of my very favourite things about Sprize is not the program itself (although it's a great idea!!), is that to my delight, its tagline is "Shopping Turned on Its Head." If you've attended my classes, you'd have heard me say that the Extreme Shopping method is shopping turned upside down. The idea of savings REALLY is making a difference in retail!

If you are a Sprize member, you might have received a 30% one time use coupon off your entire purchase at the GAP, good for May 6-10. (I can't share the coupon as it's a one time use code)

To sign up for Sprize, go here.

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