Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free potatoes from The Little Potato Company

This one's a good one, since it's harder to find coupons much less FREEBIE coupons for produce and such. Go here and scroll down to the bottom for a printable coupon for a free 2lb bag of little potatoes from the Little Potato Company! Their products are found in various stores such as Safeway, Walmart, etc. Go here to check out their store locator.


  1. Just a heads up. Not found at Lougheed Mall Safeway or Kins market. Both chains are listed on the website. However will keep looking as I know that different managers order different things. If anyone locates them LMK.

  2. I too have been to Kin's market and Save on and they haven't heard of them. Any ideas?

  3. I have bought them from Safeway and Save-On before but it's hit and miss. I love potatoes... but should probably go without them. :p Great coupon, thanks for sharing!