Friday, January 29, 2010

We have video!

EDIT: There's 2 videos as I forgot to few other deals, so scroll down to watch the second one too!

Thought I'd do a quick video on some shopping I'm planning to do, showing off pricematching, stacking and more.

I ended up giving away some of the coupons and also some of the products I ended up buying. It was fun to make the video on the fly - hope you enjoy!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tracie, c'mon down!

Tracie D, you are the winner of the baseball card sheets and variety pack of coupons! Congratulations!

Websaver coupon site now active!

The newest coupon site is now active, go here to register and order your coupons! You must order a minimum of 6 coupons and they will be mailed free to you, just like the ones from here. Looks like there are a few coupons available for Curel, Jergens, Tide, Pampers, and so on, and a few more available in March.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some great deals at Zellers

Zellers has ziploc bags for 2/$5 this week, here's how you can get 2 for $1!

Ziploc snack bags, 2/$5
Go HERE and scroll down to the bottom to print 2 $2/1 Ziploc Snack Bags coupons (
Final price: .50cents each, or $1 for 2!

Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of this deal!

Starting Friday, Zellers has a new flyer out, and I plan to get some free Vaseline there with the coupon from here.

Vaseline 325ml, $2
Go here to get 1 $2/1 Vaseline (
Final price: Free!

Also, you can get free Satin Care and Gillette:
Satin Care or Gillette, $2
Stack 2 $1/1 coupons from here and also from inserts
Final price: Free!

Aleve, $4.97
Go here to order a $5/1 Aleve coupon,
Final price: Free!

Greenworks Cleaners, wipes and dish soaps are also on sale, 2 for $5
Greenworks Wipes, 2 for $5
Go here to print 2 $1/1 any Greenworks product,
Go here to print 2 $1/1 Greenworks wipes,
Total price: .50cents each or 2 for $1!

I'll also be PM'ing deals for Dove and Pantene using a variety of coupons to score those items for free/cheap!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Coupon storage and a giveaway!

I've been struggling with my coupon storage for a while and decided to change it up a little. I started with just one recipe box, but soon found I needed another box and quickly outgrew those two boxes in a short while. For economy's sake, I used an empty diaper wipes box, an old recipe box, and junkmail envelopes that I cut down to fit, with stapled sides. You can see by the photo above that both boxes were full, and I still had about 1/3 of my coupons stored in a legal envelope.

I've decided to switch to the binder system, which uses baseball card dividers and a binder. Besides the space issue, the main reason I switched as that I found myself missing out of deals when I was out and about, just because I didn't have my coupons with me. This way, I can bring my coupon binder and snag those previously unseen deals or specials as I will have my coupons with me.

I thought I would share the pros and cons of both systems with you in case you are deciding which method to use or in case you are thinking of switching:

:: easy and cheap to put together (I spent $0 on putting my boxes together)
:: easy to organize and easy to find the coupons I am looking for
:: easy to just take an envelope with me to the store and then put it back in the right order when I got home from shopping
:: easy to store - both boxes stacked on a shelf

:: tedious to cut/staple envelopes together
:: sometimes you have empty envelopes sitting in your box (once you've used up your coupon, sometimes the envelope sits empty until another same-brand coupon is found.
:: usually left at home, so you'd miss out on deals at the store, sometimes necessitating another trip back to the store if you wanted to use the coupon
:: you have to keep on top of the organization otherwise it can get out of control quickly

:: easy to take with you to the store, never miss a deal again
:: visually accessible
:: empty spots can be filled up easily
:: easy to access

:: start up costs are more than the box system
:: the more coupons you have, the more baseball card dividers you need
:: binder is bulky, might need a bigger purse to carry it in

I did find that if I had a lot of one coupon, it would not all fit into one divider, so I've punched holes in some envelopes and attached them to the binder as well as a larger holding spot.

I've filled over 25 pages and I think I will have to upgrade to a 3" binder, the 2" is already bulging, and I have more coupons to store.

I do find the alphabetical ordering of the box system easier to locate coupons. Right now I have the binder separated into categories such as "Medicines," "Toiletries," "Cleaning Supplies," "Food," "Drinks," "Free," and Misc and I still spend a few extra seconds scanning each page for the coupon I am looking for. I think a couple weeks of using this system and finetuning it, perhaps adding a few more categories, will help a lot more. Right now, I'm loving the fact that I can take the binder to the store with me - I've already been able to snatch up a few deals I would have missed out otherwise.

So if you've managed to read this far, congratulations! It's time for the giveaway! I'm giving away 20 pages of baseball card dividers and a variety pack of coupons! So if you are interested to try the binder system or would like to get your hands on some coupons, or both, here's how to enter the giveaway:

1) Subsribe to this blog (become a follower).
2) Become a fan on the MrsSmith - ExtremeShopper page on Facebook
3) Leave a note here AND on the facebook page, and tell us which storage system you are using or prefer. It can be the same comment, just copy and paste.

Winner will be picked on Thursday Jan 28 at noon! Good luck!

Listerine Smart Rinse and Quick Dissolving Strips coupons (printable)

Get the Kids Smart Rinse coupon here.

There's a $3 Whitening Listerine Quick Dissolving strips printable coupon here as well.

Both are good til Dec 2010!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oceanspray coupons

$1 off Oceanspray 100% Juice Blends, $1 off Oceanspray Ruby Pomegranate and $1 off any Oceanspray diet product - get them here, click on promotions. I know there are are few OS coupons out there so there could potentially be some free drinks! I like Oceanspray drinks but it's been a while since I've bought them, how about you?

MrsSmith-ExtremeShopper now on Facebook!

Join our page, won't you? Just go here and join the fun and make new friends.

Look for a giveaway to come very soon.

Walmart deals this week.

Danone Creamy Tubs (650g) are $1 at WM this week, with the .75cent coupon that was available a while back, the yogurt will cost you only a quarter a tub.

Frosted Flakes is $2, PM at RCSS and use the $3 wyb3 coupon, get 3 boxes for $1 each. Another good PM would be the Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers, it is $2.97, use the $1 manufacturer and instore coupon to get it for .97. I've never tried these but for that price, I might, just to say I have.

Finish Powerball detergent is $5.49, PM at LD and use the $1.50 and $3.50 coupons out there to get them for .49! If you have the Quaker coupons, the oatmeal is priced at $2, which would make for cheap oatmeal once you use your coupons.

Cloverleaf Salmon and Tuna are $2 and I have enough coupons to get them free at LD but I've stopped buying fish in tins for a while... not sure what my final decision on this will be... at the very least these may be good foodbank donations.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Huggies and Pampers

There were some ladies at the class tonight asking where to get Huggies/Pampers coupons, besides in the stores, through inserts, here, etc. Here's some starting points:

Free samples (3 pieces) which come with coupons, found here (good for US/Canada)

Free samples when you join as a member, here.

Print a coupon per month for Pull ups, here (good for both US and Canada)

Get occasional coupons when you sign up here.

Get points from your diaper purchases via Points To Grow, more info here.

Potty training kit which includes coupons as well, found here.

Free Underjam sample, found here.

A new coupon site

There's a new site coming to town, the announcement can be seen here. Opening date is January 28 2010. Interesting to see what offers they might have!

A shout out to the ladies who attended tonight's extreme shopping class at Kristin's, glad you dropped by!

9 items, for $3.26 TOTAL (taxes included)!

There's been some great sales lately and I've been able to get a few things for free/cheap!

Pricematched the Canadian Tire flyer at LD, and I printed out 2 coupons from here and got the Clorox Wipes for FREE!

Canadian Tire also has Glad sandwich bags on for $1 this week, and I used my last remaining .75cent coupons to get these for .25 each - I paid nothing out of pocket as I used my Canadian Tire $ - so these were also completely free!

Zellers currently has a 50% sale on select Glade and Airwick products, so I was able to get 2 Glade Fresh Effects on sale for $5 each, and I used 2 $5 Glade coupons, to get these FREE!

Our locals Kins Market had a few grandopening specials with cheap produce, and they also provided a coupon for a bag of free oranges - yay!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

QUICK - Free Ultra for men

This freebie is back in stock, so act quickly to get your free product and free shipping as well. It will probably be out of stock very soon! Go here and add to basket, and the item will be sent to you absolutely free.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Making money with bags.

No, the title doesn't refer to your work colleagues, lol. It's just an easy way to make some money just by bringing your own cloth reusable bags. Here are some stores that reward you for being environmentally friendly:

No Frills
HBC - as of Feb 2010 (I think around the 10th)

Zellers will also be charging per plastic bag as of March 2010, so this is an added bonus to remember to bring your own reusable bag. You might have to remind the cashier to award the points - and to clarify - it's ANY reusable bag for Zellers, not just their Zellers bag.

For RCSS I believe it's points for their Green bags only although I've had some cashiers give me points for other reusable bags I had brought in. I'll have to confirm what RCSS' policy is on this.

Points do add up, and fortunately for us, they convert into $$!

P&G Brandsaver

I've been meaning to blog about this site for a week now, but kept forgetting. But no more!

P&G's new Brandsaver site is finally up, go here to get up to $115 in coupons. Note, they only allow you to request 30 coupons at a time so wait a week or so and order the rest if you need all of them.

They have different UPCs than the coupons in the P&G flyer, so they are perfect for couponing.

OR, there is a P&G doubling deal going on at Loblaws/RCSS where you would get up to $20 back in rebates just by using your coupons. Go here for more information.

I wanted to say hello to the ladies who attended the coupon class today - welcome, make yourself at home and please do browse through all the posts for lots of deals and info!

FREE photos at Costco, and $2 printable Scotts towels coupon

Costco is back at it again, this time with free 8x10 photos! Log into your account at, order your prints and enter code CWFEA111 in the promo box when checking out. Code is good until January 24 2010. If you do not have an account, create one, and you will automatically receive 25 4x6 prints for free as well!

Go here to print your $2 coupon for Scotts Towels Long Lasting Roll, Mega Roll or Scott Naturals™ Paper Towels!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Free Kashi sample

Kashi is giving out free samples, go here to get yours! (Canada only) We love Kashi in our house, I have about 5 boxes of cereal and 3 boxes of snacks in our cupboards right now. Yum... Kashi. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coupon Classes

For the rest of January, I have 3 coupon classes left:
Saturday January 16 at 2pm (Port Coquitlam)
Tuesday January 19 at 7pm (Surrey)
Thursday January 28 at 7pm (Coquitlam)

If you are interested in hosting a coupon class, please contact me at kmemeric at hotmail (dot) com. Hostesses get a free class and guests are $10/each. Lots of goodies to be given away and of course, an introduction to extreme shopping and saving. This is a good way to learn about how to impact your family's bottom line positively and how much fun would it be if you could do it in the comfort of your own home with your family and friends? I also teach larger groups (work, church, school) and share a portion of fees for fundraising as well. Contact me if you're interested, and for more information. Thank you!

Great deals this week

Canadian Tire has Glad sandwich bags on for $1 starting tomorrow. If you have the .75cents coupon from the Campbells' Take Your Lunch to work booklet that was around about a month ago, you can score the bags for a quarter a pack, time to stock up!

Sunlight dishwashing detergent and Alcan aluminium foil is also on for $1 this week.

Also at Canadian Tire this week, Clorox wipes are $2. Price match at London Drugs and go here and print the Clorox Wipes coupon as well as the $1 off any Clorox product coupon, and stack them to get the wipes absolutely free!

I also noticed that Thrifty's has the Sunlight Greenworks detergent on sale for $5.49, so again I will pricematch at LD and use $5 worth of coupons to get the detergent for .49cents! LD's original retail price is $8.99 so I will save $8.50 just on this one item alone!

Old Navy's 50% off clearance sale starts tomorrow, and remember, go early for the best deals, and pair up the sale with your Old Navy Weekly coupon - the best one still available to an additional 25% off. UPDATE: As of Jan 15, click on the black and then the blue pants on the right.

And lastly, for the local Tricities folk, there is a coupon for a bag of free oranges from Kin's Market (only the Levo, Oxford and Newport Village locations) on page 2 of the Tricity News (Wednesday edition). Free fruit, always a bonus!

Enjoy, and happy saving!

More Free stuff - Pita Break

Pita Break sends out Free Product Coupons twice a year to their coupon club members, go here to sign up!

Join BzzAgent and get a free Danone Probiotic drink FREE!

The BzzAgent campaign is ongoing, this time they are offering free Danone Probiotic samples. Go here to join and get your sample!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

FREE Clorox Greenworks product

Fill in a questionnaire here and they'll send you a free product! (Supplies limited)
Good for USA/Canada.

Emergen-C sample, Pataks coupon

Go here to get a free sample of Emergen-C, and you can send samples to friends and family as well! (US and Canada)

There is a $1 coupon available for Patak's here.

Lots of photos to come!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Johnson & Johnson FPC and more coupons!

Here's a fabulous deal for a Free Product Coupon (FPC) and more coupons!

Call Johnson & Johnson (J&J), 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST, Monday to Friday at 1 877 223 9807
and ask for a parent pack, it includes 1 FPC and a couple $1 or $2 coupons. Then every month you can call again and ask for more coupons (2 per month).

You can use the FPC for great baby gift baskets or other J&J products.


Get $10 Dryel coupons and the Gift Cards you want, for less!

Go here to get $10 coupons either mailed or emailed to you! Good for US/Canada.

I stumbled upon a new Canadian site called Cardswap where you can sell giftcards you don't want, and purchase the cards that you want, for less. What a neat concept and a great way to get some extra savings. For example, there are a few $50 Old Navy giftcards being sold for $45, a 10% savings. Shipping is free, and there's tons of selection. I'll definitely be purchasing giftcards from this site. Check it out!

Coupon inserts schedule 2010

January 9
February 6
March 13
April 10
May 8
June 5
July 3
August 14
September 11
October 2, 30
November 27

Also, P&G puts out a coupon insert every quarter, so watch for them, I'll post on the blog when to expect them!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Free pasta and cheap Cling Wrap!

Happy New Year, shoppers! Hope you had a great celebration and here's to more savings in 2010!

There's some great deals this week, here are my favourites:
1) Catelli pasta is $1.25 at Walmart, I'm going to PM at LD and stack 2 coupons - .75/1 and $1/2, and get free pasta!
Scenario: Buy 2 pastas for $2.50, use 2 .75 coupons and 1 $1 coupon = FREE PASTA!

2) Aquafresh toothpaste is $1 at Walmart, use a .50cent coupon = .50 per tube.

3) Glad Cling Wrap is .88cents at Shoppers, use .75 coupon = .13 per pack!

Also, Glade Aerosol is $1 again at Zellers, PM at RCSS and you can still get in on the Glade/RCSS $5 back deal.