Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Huggies and Pampers

There were some ladies at the class tonight asking where to get Huggies/Pampers coupons, besides in the stores, through inserts, here, etc. Here's some starting points:

Free samples (3 pieces) which come with coupons, found here (good for US/Canada)

Free samples when you join as a member, here.

Print a coupon per month for Pull ups, here (good for both US and Canada)

Get occasional coupons when you sign up here.

Get points from your diaper purchases via Points To Grow, more info here.

Potty training kit which includes coupons as well, found here.

Free Underjam sample, found here.


  1. I have a bunch of Huggies and Pampers coupons and nobody to share them with! I'm happy to pass them on to someone local. I'm in Maple Ridge.

  2. Sandra - are you willing to put them in the mail to me?? I could mail you back a stamp for the address! (i'm in Langley)

  3. Sandra, for next time, I'd love to take any diaper ones to share with others I know who are looking for them as well! Thanks for sharing!