Saturday, January 16, 2010

Making money with bags.

No, the title doesn't refer to your work colleagues, lol. It's just an easy way to make some money just by bringing your own cloth reusable bags. Here are some stores that reward you for being environmentally friendly:

No Frills
HBC - as of Feb 2010 (I think around the 10th)

Zellers will also be charging per plastic bag as of March 2010, so this is an added bonus to remember to bring your own reusable bag. You might have to remind the cashier to award the points - and to clarify - it's ANY reusable bag for Zellers, not just their Zellers bag.

For RCSS I believe it's points for their Green bags only although I've had some cashiers give me points for other reusable bags I had brought in. I'll have to confirm what RCSS' policy is on this.

Points do add up, and fortunately for us, they convert into $$!


  1. i'm pretty sure at RCSS it's any bag or bin as they've given me points for my costco bags, etc.

  2. Hi Mrs. Smith! At Save-on you get 10 points per bag on your More card for store points.
    At IGA you get 3c per bag.