Sunday, November 1, 2009

Amazing Campbell's Soup deals (expires today!)

Here's a fantastic last minute deal at London Drugs, which expires today! If you're looking for some Campbell's Tomato/Mushroom/Chicken Noodle/Veg soup, this is an unbeatable deal!

IMPORTANT PART OF THE DEAL: Stack the LD instore coupon in the flyerbook for more savings!! (expires today)

Deal 1: Tomato/mushroom/c.noodle/veg: .50 each at WM, pricematch at LD. Use instore coupon $1.50 off 6. So it will be $3 for 6 - $1.50 = $1.50. Then use 2 Campbells coupons save .50 off 3 so you will get $1 off 6 so final price is .50 for 6!!! TADDAAAAA!!!

Deal 2: Campbell's Creation is $1.89 at RCSS. PM at LD. Scenario: Buy 3. Use 3 BOGOF (I picked up some at SaveOn this week) so you end up with 6 for $5.67. Then use 2 of the instore LD coupons ($1.50 off 3) for $3 off, so that will be $2.67 for 6 or .45 each!

A great deal if you are out and desperately need it: Chunky: It's 3 for $5 somewhere, forget where. Pricematch. Then use instore coupon $1.50 off 3 so that makes it 3 for $3.50. Use B3G1 free for 4 for $3.50

With deal #1, that would make a case of 12 for $1 - amazing!

Remember, this deal ends today, Nov 1!!! Thank you, LD for more coupons!

I hope you all got to use up your coupons that expired Oct 31 by yesterday - I was there again yesterday and used up quite a number of coupons, and left quite a few on the shelves as well. I gave a few away to a couple there and showed them how to coupon stack, they loved it and were amazed that one can get such deals at LD - I told them,"welcome to your new favorite store!" LOL.

Have a great day, everyone.

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  1. Thanks for the information. I would have tried it if I could have pulled it off. My LD is closed and I am on the couch all safe and sound. Smart shopping!