Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NEW P&G coupons and more news!

Tons of new, awesome coupons for diapers, hair products and more here! Order yours today, and remember you can price match and stack your coupons at London Drugs.

Also, for the local Canadian readers, I confirmed with the Shoppers Drug Mart by Coquitlam Center that they accept internet printable coupons so print off your Ziploc and Glad coupons previously mentioned, and you can use them there! Also confirmed with Superstore HQ that they do accept internet printable coupons. Yay! (Great deal this week: Ziploc freezer bags are $2, use the $1 ziploc coupon and get it for $1! Or, at LD, buy 2 ziploc bags, and use the $2/2 coupons and 2 $1 coupons for free or close to free bags).

An unconfirmed deal: I heard that you can get 100 HBC points at Zellers or HBC everytime you bring in and use your re-useable bag - up to 5 bags or 500 pts per transaction - that would be quick (and easy) additions to your points cards, not to mention environmentally friendly! Now to check out if you can use any reuseable bag, or whether you have to use theirs. Will keep you posted.

Lastly - (phew, this is a great day for coupons!) be on the watch for the Rouge booklet coming in your local papers - there are a number of great coupons there - again, great to stack with coupons from here and elsewhere, at LD!

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