Monday, September 14, 2009

Huggies sample and high value coupon!

You can get some diaper samples and high value coupons from Huggies by signing up here! Good for both US/Canada.

Tomorrow Mr.Smith and I are heading to LD to score some free/cheap Gillette Fusion/Embrace razors and shave cream, amongst other things. I'll share the how-to and pics then!


  1. i was just at LD today and picked up the Embrace razor - after price match and coupons - 0.99! Wow!!

    i also got the some Stayfree pads for free (price match and coupon), some Tide Detergent for $2.50, and a great deal on CoverGirl makeup.

    Total coupons savings was about $25 - you have me addicted!!! and my hubby was super impressed!!!