Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kids' Tylenol for under $1

I kid you not - you can get Kids' Tylenol (cold, cold/cough, and fever) for .73 this week at Superstore. It's on sale for $2.73 so use your $2 from smartcanucks and the Tylenol is yours for .73 - perfect to stock up for the coming winter season. Little Ms.Smith and Master Smith chose Bubble Gum Burst and Grape flavours.


  1. Yikes at Walmart today. Went to the walmart super center (that is what is close to us) and got slammed by the manager on duty and the cashier. They said I couldn't use more then one coupon per item and started to rip them apart (I had stapled them to make it easier). That is their policy and that was final. Really embarassing to say the least and the people behind me gave me a look of who does she think she is. Don't know if I'll keep this stacking up if that is what I am going to have to go through.

  2. WHOA, Andrea - sorry to hear about that! So many things wrong with what happened to you - you should call Walmart and complain. I just got a call from Walmart yesterday as I had called in and was told that yes, they do allow coupons. I wasn't told about the 1 coupon a day, though. Weird policy if it is true! I generally don't like to coupon shop at Walmart at all - I've had trouble with the one by Lougheed Mall.

    Good news though, LD is a great place to stack (and the Maple Ridge one is awesome), check the one by your place... and now Superstore allows stacking of an instore coupon with a manufacturer coupon. Hurray!

    Hugs to you - don't give up, it'll get better!