Saturday, September 5, 2009

Free movie passes for kids.

Purchase 4 specially marked packs of Oasis Fruit Zoo juice and get 1 free kids' movie pass! Perfect for this time of year when we're all stocking up juice boxes for back to school - getting a free movie ticket in the mix is bonus! (Note: you do have to mail the coupons in to claim the free pass).

I bought my packs from Superstore a few days ago for .98cents, I'm not sure if the sale is still on. If it is, this weekend is a great time to go buy more, as it is Tax Free day - so no tax on your juice! UPDATE: Yes, the sale is still on at Superstore, so get a 5-pack for .98, no tax.

I noticed that the packs are .99 at London Drugs, and there is a BOGO in the Safeway flyer. I wonder if LD will honour the BOGO - that way it would be .99 for 2 packs - even better! UPDATE: LD did not honour the BOGO as it was a Safeway Club Special price - the cashier explained the BOGO was a special deal for Club holders and LD can't match special Club deals ie Safeway Club, Costco, etc - I thought that was reasonable. Anyway, still a good buy! Will have to check the pricing at Safeway to see if the BOGO is an even better deal.

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