Saturday, September 5, 2009

My house will smell nice and have clean bathtubs.

A quick run into London Drugs yesterday netted me a Glade Fresh Effects kit and 2 scrubbing bubbles Mega Foamers, for $2.78 including tax!

Here's how I did it:

Glade: On sale for $8.99, used a $5 coupon, a $2 coupon and 2 $2 coupons = FREE.
Mega Foamers: $2.99 each, used a BOGO coupon and a $2 off coupon to get 2 for .99!

Total savings this post: $13.99
Total savings towards debt so far this month: $7

Total savings towards debt so far: $154.69.
Paid towards debt/mortgage at end of August: $147.69 - this is above and beyond normal payments - woohoo!! This is a great motivator to coupon shop and save at the same time!

NOTE: As part of my commitment to pay extra payments mortgage/debt from 50% of my savings from this blog, I am paying the amount at the end of every month and will now list my monthly savings/payments as well. It's easier for me to keep track this way. Ignore the numbers if you wish! :)
The coupons were a mix of coupons as well as ones from the coupon inserts that are found in the local paper.

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