Saturday, September 5, 2009

A reminder - no tax on Glade Scented Oil tins

If you printed out the coupons mentioned here, don't forget that you don't have to pay tax on it. I've tried it at a couple stores and one store didn't charge any tax with any questions, and another insisted tax had to be paid until I asked them to read the wording on the coupon carefully. After that, they didn't charge me the tax - as evidenced by the receipt in the photo! TRULY FREE. :)

Total savings this post: $8.94

Total savings towards debt this post: $4.47

Total savings towards debt this month: $11.47

Total savings towards debt so far: $159.16.


  1. You need to tell us who didn't ask questions.

  2. Oh, sorry - the store that didn't ask questions about tax (I mentioned the coupon indicates tax is included in face value of the coupon)was Superstore. I think it might depend on the cashier you get, though.