Monday, August 31, 2009

It's a lot of stuff - and how to get it.

Here's all the stuff we got for $72.32. Total retail is $233.25. If I lived in the States, we would have paid less as I would have easier access to more coupons and doublers, but this is pretty good, too. :)

If you're thinking of starting to coupon shop in the States, here are a few of my favourite sites to get coupons from:

Here, here, here, here, here, and Target ones here, and here.
Click backspace after printing to get a 2nd coupon at the first 5 sites. :)

The secret to coupon shopping is not just to get coupons - it's to match up coupons and instore sales to get your items for the least amount possible. Sometimes it means getting the smallest size of item, my favourite one being the individual cereal cups. They usually retail for under a dollar, and you can use a $1 off coupon - to get it free. Mr.Smith brings these to work for breakfast everyday. As they say, cheap is good and Free is Better!

I find it impossible to figure out shopping deals without flyers, so being in Canada, it's hard to get US flyers for US stores. A great resource are coupon blogs that talk about sales and the best coupons to use to get the best deal. My favourites are:

There's probably a few more that I've forgotten or not listed. I check these quickly at least once a day. It doesn't need to take hours to clip coupons - and totally worth it.

Coming up this week: Scared to start coupon shopping? Nervous about the cashier's reaction at checkout? Then this post is for you - apost on coupon policies for some US and Canadian stores, and how to shop confidently having these on hand!

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