Monday, August 24, 2009

First coupon shops.

Last week, Scrubbing Bubbles were 2 for $6 at Zellers, and I had $3 off coupons, so I stocked up. I ended up with 6 sets, so ended up giving a few away. Total savings: 6 sets x $3 = $18.

You can also get a $2 off a Ziploc Evolve pack at They are $2.27 at the Walmart and Superstore near me, and $2.49 at Zellers, and $2.99 at London Drugs. For a few days it was $1.97 at the Superstore which meant you could get it for free. I managed to get one pack with some trouble (a post coming up on Superstore coupon policy soon) but got another pack at Zellers, which I gave to my mother. Total savings: 2 packs x $2 = $4.

I had a few $5 of Motrin coupons as well so I stocked up at Zellers. Each Motrin pack was $4.27 and the cashiers (I did it in 3 transactions) took the $5 coupons, so I ended up being PAID $0.73 per pack, to buy them! Total savings: 6 packs x $5 = $30. NOTE: I've since been told Zellers will not take a coupon with a higher value than the item being purchased.

Total coupon savings this post: $52.
Total savings towards debt: $26.

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