Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Clothes from Happy Meals.

Little Miss Smith and I got away to the mall today and came home with 14 pairs of socks (some pairs were just over $1!!) and a hoodie, all from Please Mum, using Please Mum Bucks that we got from McDonald's. We did pay an out of pocket amount of about $35 (which included tax), which was something I hadn't meant to spend, but she was in need of another hoodie and in desperate need of socks, so I guess that balances it out. Some of the socks were for my niece and nephew and for Little Mr. Smith as well. Photos and coupon usage info coming tomorrow/Friday.

For a limited time only, you can get a $5 Please Mum buck with a Happy Meal purchase at participating McDs. I saw a sign at my local branch, but did not receive it when I purchased the meals for the kids (who were THRILLED to get the HM since we stopped getting them a while ago). I asked if the Bucks were still available, and the cashier handed them to me. I've heard some branches are only giving away 1 Please Mum Buck per transaction, but I got 1 for every Happy Meal we got. (Plus I got an extra one thrown in as a bonus the next time we went back with some friends). In total we got 6 $5 coupons, or $30!

Tomorrow I am taking the day off work to go and play/coupon shop in the States with my sister and Little Miss Smith. I've got all my coupons and lists prepared. Hopefully I won't steer too far off the list and only buy what I've planned on buying. I am stopping in at the scrapbook store Treasury of Memories in Bellingham, though... that could be difficult to restrain myself there. Oh, if only scrapbook stores gave out coupons regularly, lol.

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