Monday, August 24, 2009

Extreme coupon'ing.

Over the last couple months I've started to coupon shop like never before. I've always used a coupon here and there, but had never had a systematic, organized and effective approach to it - before now. Now I am slightly obsessed with getting the best deal, learning the secrets and the tricks of the trade, so to speak. I know I'm just scratching the surface now, but I'm interested in seeing my household and grocery budgets get slashed. I'm interested to find out how to fill my cupboards without breaking the bank. I want to know how I can shop so I can bless others.

I call myself an extreme coupon shopper for a few reasons. First, I seem to be the only one in my circle who actively coupon shops (and talks about it). So I might seem extreme to my circle of friends in my shopping methods. I also cross the border from Canada to the USA about once a month to coupon shop. That's pretty extreme, wouldn't you say, going shopping in a different country to save a few dollars? And lastly, I'm extreme because I really am about saving money. You see, I'm challenging myself that for every dollar I save by using coupons, I will put 50% towards any outstanding debt (mortgage, cards, etc). Once debt is relieved, that money will go towards a savings account. This way, I am saving money AND paying off debt while getting more for less - now that's extreme!

This blog is a way for me to keep track, and also a way to share my journey. Thanks for joining me here. :)


  1. I'm excited to find your new blog! I'm frugal in some ways, and a stupid spender in others. I love hearing how other people cut costs.

    Have you tried the Grocery Game? www.grocerygame .com. Its a big deal in the US and I heard its available in Canada now.

  2. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for joining me here. Yes, I've heard of the grocerygame - however it's only available in US and in Toronto I think - haven't heard about it here in BC.