Monday, August 24, 2009

This was a successful Zellers shopping trip - done in 2 transactions. One was with a lovely cashier who had no troubles taking internet printed coupons, and another transaction was with a cashier who acted as though the coupon amounts were being deducted off her paycheque and who was quite obnoxious about it.

I had a few more Scrubbing Bubbles coupons so I got 6 more for free. Total savings: 6 packs x $3 = $18.

There was a display of Glade candles with a "Try it on Us" coupon tray, so we bought 2 - one for home and one for business. It cost us $10 per candle, but with the rebate coupon, Glade will refund us the money, making the candles free! Total savings: 2 candles x $10 = $20.

The Hannah Montana movie came out last week, and Walmart had it on for $18.49 (or so) for the first few days. I brought the flyer in to Zellers and they price matched it. Also, if you go to the Disney site and sign up for their newsletter you can get a $5 coupon off, which made the movie $13.49 each. Little Miss Smith was so happy to get her own copy of the movie (the other was a birthday gift for a friend). Total savings: 2 movies x $5 = $10.
Total savings this post: $48.
Total savings towards debt: $24.
Total savings towards debt so far: $50.

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