Monday, August 31, 2009

The day we tried to coupon shop.

Last Thursday, my sister, Little Miss Smith and I attempted to go coupon shopping in the States. I say "attempted" because just after we crossed the border and picked up my mail at a mailbox service, my 3 year old van's front axel gave up the ghost. As in, it broke and spewed ball bearings and grease all over the place. Loud, grinding, whirring noises scared the daylights out of us and lots of hysterical laughter ensued. As is the norm with my sister and I, hilarity and hysteria go hand in hand when we are together.

On top of that, my cellphone battery died. So my sister's cellphone saved the day. She barely uses the phone so the first time Mr. Smith called us back (after we had called him for help), we were both grooving to the music, when 5 seconds later she finally realized it was her phone ringing! More hysterical laughter. Hee hee.

Anyway, long story short, the towtruck came across the line to get me and the van back to a dealership in Canada, and Mr. Smith came to pick my sis and Little Miss Smith up.

My sis had taken the day off to observe my coupon shopping, and what did she get? A few hours in a car, lots of laughing, some Subway (mmmm roasted chicken sub), some ice cream, and some time in a dealership and rental car agency.

I'm thankful she was there with me though, as she kept me sane (and less panicked), and bought me ice cream. :)

We had extended warranty on the van so the only out of pocket expenses were the extra insurance on the rental car ($11), gas, and Mr. Smith's loss of wages (as he was working overtime).

Moral of story: Coupon shopping is meant to save you money, but be prepared, life throws you curveballs sometimes! And also, it's good to have a sister who buys you icecream. And a husband who will come pick you up, in a different country and all.

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