Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meet the latest Mrs.Smith-Extreme Shopper convert!

My sister in law is in town and came shopping with me today after taking a look at my stockpile. We went to RCSS and she got 14 items for wait for it, 3 cents. Yes, 3 cents!!! And that was including tax!

Her total would have been $76.16 (including tax) if she had purchased everything at full price. Instead, she used a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) coupon for the Scrubbing Bubbles, and used 12 $2 off coupons for the Glade. Because the candles were $1.44, she made .56cents PER candle, which went towards the Scrubbing Bubbles and tax. Her savings ratio is an incredible 99.96%!!!! How can you not be convinced that coupons are the way to go after that shopping trip??

Here's a cute video she did once she came home, her husband was suitably impressed! Aren't you? :)

Sorry about the video, I may be good at couponing but my filming skills need some brushing up! Also, this video was totally unrehearsed, and I was giggling all the way through it because she did such a good job talking about her deal!

Here's a picture of her receipt - 3 cents, can you believe it? Woohoo!

Because we all love to celebrate together when the other gets great deals, won't you leave a "yay" message for Stacey? :)