Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy March - the lion is here.

My March started off like a lion. None of this gentle, lamb thing. March 1 brought me a busted pipe, a few inches of water in my furnace room and lots of wet stuff that had been in boxes on the ground. Clothes I'd been meaning to donate, now have to be rewashed and repacked. Hopefully this time, they will make it out the door to the donation center. Which reminds me that if you do it right and do it once, it will save you money. Sigh. I have to learn that.

March is here and my garden is not turned over yet so that is my goal today, even though it is slightly wet and cold out. It's warm enough to have started a garden already but I am a little behind. But I will persevere because I want to reap the financial gains of having a vegetable garden this summer.

I posted a link to a fun "how many meals can you get from one chicken" post on the Facebook page, do take a look, and maybe share your ideas there as well.

Happy March, dear readers.

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