Saturday, March 6, 2010

Video - cheap antiperspirant/bodywash at RCSS

Hi Extreme Shoppers, sorry for the late video, unfortunately I believe this sale is over. I could not post because Blogger was giving me trouble with accessing the blog - still having some trouble and I'm hoping this video will actually post! Anyway, here you go. I got 4 items for .28cents!


  1. Oh, I just did this yesterday at Stupid store! And then I stumble across your post:)

    I believe the sale is on till the end of the week...

    They had Gillette shaving cream on for $1.59, and then I used a "Buy 3 Gillette products, save $5" coupon - Money Maker!

    I also had a $1 off Gillette Satin Care coupon, also on sale for $1.59... final price on that 0.59!

    Gillette Fusion razors are on for $5.99 (down from $10.99), had a $4 coupon, AND a "Buy a Fusion Razor and get a free Fusion shaving cream" coupon ($4.99 value)... Great steal there! Got a refillable razor and shave cream for $1.99!

    Don't think I had all the same coupons as you, but I did have the buy a deodorant, get a free body wash one. Bought 2 deodorants at $1.99 each, and got 2 free bodywash ($4.99 value each)

    Wow, this is a really long comment but I just had to share with someone:)

    In summary, I bought:
    5 Shaving Cream
    1 Fusion Razor
    2 Deodorant
    2 Bodywash

    Regular Retail: $45.90 Out of Pocket: $5.97

    Woot! Stop the car!