Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another use for the $2 Ziploc coupon

This coming week, London Drugs will have Ziploc freezer bags on sale for $1.99. If your London Drugs allows overage (most don't), you can get them for free. Or, you can pricematch it at Zellers and get it there for free. In my experience Zellers allows overage coupons but it has to be done at the customer service area. Sometimes they will adjust the coupon down to the value of the item, and other times they just put the full value of the coupon down.

Speaking of Zellers, if you kept the $1 off Vileda gloves that was in the coupon insert recently, you can score them for free as well. Zellers has them on for .99 starting the week of March 12, for a week.

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