Friday, March 12, 2010

Free Lego magazine subscriptions!

If you've got a child in your home who is of Lego age, this magazine is a must! It's free and comes in the mail. Little Mr.Smith loves getting his magazine, especially since it's addressed to him - he loves getting stuff in the mail!

We do go through the magazine first and have taken out a page or two before letting him read it because sometimes there are cartoons in there that are a little more violent/scary than we'd like to expose him to constantly.

Other than that, he treats it like an idea book and tries to replicate the pieces that are in the magazine, which a lot of times means he needs more new Lego. Hmmmm, those Lego people might have something goin' on here...

Go here to get your magazine. Offer good in several countries, just click on your country of choice.

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