Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ziploc bags - free/cheap at Zellers!

If you received your Smartsource coupon insert last weekend, you can put the $2 off any Ziploc product coupon to good use. The Ziploc Enviro bags are $1.99 at Zellers so you would only pay the tax on them. Check around the area to see if you can snag any other Ziploc products for free/cheap - I think some of the Steamer bags are a few cents extra.

Didn't get your Smartsource insert? Call your newspaper distributor and see if they have any extras, or ask your neighbours for theirs if they are not using them. Another favourite place to get coupon inserts? McDonald's. Yep. They have weekend papers and guess what, weekend papers have coupon inserts!

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