Friday, March 12, 2010

Free Glade candles at RCSS!

You might want to check your local RCSS/Extra Foods, or any other store for that matter, as I believe it's planogram change time and lots of items are going on clearance to make space for new items.

Another great freebie (with coupon) this week are Glade candles. At my RCSS (Westwood Coquitlam), selected varieties of the jar candles are on clearance for $1.94, normal retail price is $4.

In last weekend's Red Plum flyer there was a $2 off any Glade product coupon. With this coupon, you would get the candle FOR FREE! Your mileage may vary (YMMV) as to whether you get the overage or not, as the item is $1.94 and the coupon is $2, the overage is 0.06. Usually RCSS will adjust down the coupon so you do not get the overage but your cashier may just scan it through at $2 and you would profit by $0.06! :)

There are other $2 Glade coupons out there as well, so now might be a good time to use them and stock up like I did. Don't worry, I didn't clear the shelves, when I left there yesterday there were still lots left. Little Mr.Smith wanted to have his picture taken and posted since his sister Miss Smith was featured on a previous post.

RCSS also had the diffusers and 3 wick candles for under $4 which is a great price, and if you have coupons for those items, you can use them against that sale price to get it even cheaper!

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  1. No FREE candles at our RCSS :( too bad I would have liked a few for the bathroom!!