Friday, February 5, 2010

Stouffers Rewards - Potential moneymaker!

Stouffers has a new rewards program that is running until April 30 2010. (UPDATE: New program runs until August 31 2010)

From the Stouffers site, here's how it works:

1)Sign up to become a member of Stouffer’s Rewards and enter PIN codes from the specially marked STOUFFER’S products you love.

2) Enter 12 PIN codes from specially marked packages and you will receive $25 in FREE groceries*, consisting of $15 in Free Nestlé product coupons and a $10 grocery gift card to the store you selected at registration.

When you qualify, we’ll contact you by email and mail your reward to the address you supplied us when you registered.

You’re eligible to receive two $25 rewards within the promotional period (January 1 – April 30, 2010), so keep collecting. (*UPDATE: New program runs til August 31 2010)

3) For every PIN you enter, you get a chance to WIN† an amazing STOUFFER’S Rewards prize.

Plus, just for registering we’ll give you one bonus contest entry.
They have a bonus prize package here as well.

A couple of suggestions / cautions:
1) Make sure you purchase the specially marked boxes and not the older entree ones, the PINS on those will not be valid towards this promotion. Look for boxes with the word "REWARDS" on it.

Here's a link to a visual of the specially marked boxes and where to find the pins. If you do happen to have bought the SPA ones, call Lean Cuisine at 1-888-809-9263 and they will send you replacement pins by email. Or contact Nestle via email here.

2) Get your coupons and stack with RCSS instore coupons when they are available. I've seen .75cent instore coupons and $2.50 Stouffers, which combined with your coupon could make the boxes $1 each (or less). So if you purchase 12 boxes for $12 and submit for the reward, you would get $25 back ($10 in gc and $15 in free purchase coupons), which would be a $13 moneymaker (minus tax)! Free food and some free cash in your pocket, sounds good!

Limit 2 rewards per household.

You have til April 30, so get your coupons and watch for a good sale / instore coupon stacking opportunity! (*UPDATE:New program runs til August 31 2010)

3) I've never tried these products, so buy at your own risk, I cannot vouch for taste, quality, etc. If you have, feel free to post your review in the comments and share your thoughts with the rest of us!