Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coupon shopping in the USA

Mrs.Smith does USA: Shopping and saving, that is. Introducing a NEW class to our lineup, this class is called "Guide to Extreme Shopping in the USA." This is a 3-part class, and the cost is $45 per person.

Part 1 (Skype or video): I will walk you through various resource sites and coupon printing sites. I will discuss my favourite sites to get US deals, and work on deal scenarios at various shops for that week and show you coupons and other coupon items such as catellinas. During this class, we will pick a date as to when we will continue part 3 which is a trip down to the USA.

Part 2 (remote): Once the trip date is set, we will, via a private blog, discuss various shopping and savings scenarios and you will be responsible for deciding what you want to purchase and where, and printing out the appropriate coupons. I will be available to discuss your shopping scenarios, discuss what coupons to use, what deals to work out, etc.

Part 3 (in person): we will drive down to the USA and hit the stores we've discussed with the game plan we've discussed. We'll shop the stores and I'll share tips/secrets, and discuss how coupon shopping is different in US/Canada and show you real life, real time examples (such as catalinas, RR's and so forth). I'll introduce you to various stores, go over their store policies and discuss best prices for items. I'll go through check out with you at each store as well.

This class is for you if you:
1) shop often in the US and want to learn more about coupon shopping and saving for grocery/household items
2) have never shopped in the US for groceries/household items but would like to
3) are considering whether it is worth your time/effort to drive to the States to shop
4) want to explore other ways to shop/save

This class is NOT an endorsement to shop USA or a battle cry against shopping in our Canadian stores. This class is just simply an introduction for Canadians to US shopping/saving and the decision on how and where you spend your grocery/household items dollars is up to you.

Please note parts 2 and 3 will happen within the same week, or at mutual agreement, can happen later if everyone in the class is ok with working up their own deals with some help from me.

A minimum of 3 people must sign up for each session and a mutual date for parts 2 and 3 must be agreed upon during class (part 1). The first 6 people to sign up for each session will have their transportation included in the class cost.

Please contact me at kmemeric at hotmail (dot) com if you are interested in attending a US class/session.

For those who are interested in just the class and not the trip portion, you can audit this class (no participation) by viewing a video I have set up on a private blog. Cost is $25. Access to the blog will be granted for 2 weeks from date of payment. If you're interested in this option please email me as well! This class option begins April 15.

(Why the higher cost for these classes? First, the original Extreme Shopper class is offered at an extremely lower price as it is my hope to positively impact as many people as possible and want to offer this class at as low a rate as I can. Secondly, the US classes are very indepth, and takes a lot of time/effort and include videos, not to mention 3 sessions (part 1, 2, 3). Gas costs are factored into the costs. And lastly, the benefit of having another market and source of savings is considered in the price of the classes).

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