Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Frills Dollar Daze items

Here's a list of items that will be $1 at NoFrills during their Dollar Daze sale, beginning Feb 19:
Real Canadian Water 15x500ml
Red or Green Seedless grapes 1.00/lb (not available in BC)
Hot House tomatoes 1.00/lb
Whole or Sliced Mushrooms 227g (not available in BC)
Empire or Red Delicious Apples 1kg bag (various types in BC)
Golden Mill Vienna white or Whole Wheat bread 570g (Old Mill in BC)
Old Mill bagels 6's
Schneiders Lunch Kits or Smart Snax
Marc Angelo pork Souvlaki pkg of 2
Stewing Hens 1.00/lb
Schneiders bologna or mac and cheese loaf 175g (not available in BC)
Maple Lodge chicken weiners 450g or chicken bologna 375g (no name in BC)
Pillers Black Forest ham or San Danielle mortadella 100-110g
Green Ocean flake Style crab flavoured seafood 227g (? in BC)
Heinz Bagel Bites
McCain Delite cakes or cream pies
McCain French Fries 680g
Nestle Real Dairy ice cream or Smarties Frozen dessert 400ml
Five Alive beverages or Nestea iced tea 1.89L (? in BC)
Neilson Tru Taste milk 1%, 2% or TruTaste Lactose free or Beatrice Purfiltre milk 1% or 2% 1L (? in BC)
Yoplait Source 4x100g (not available in BC)
Egg Creations 500g
Powerade 946ml
Christie Bits and Bites or Crispers
Chef Boyardee pasta
Campbells Ready to Serve 540ml or Soup at Hand 284ml
Unico solid light tuna in oil 198g
101 Bleach 2.84L
Irish Spring bar soap 3x90g
Colgate Ultra Fit toothbrush or Total toothpaste 90ml
Cooks Ham shank and butt portions 1.00/lb
Catelli Garden Select pasta sauce 700ml
Surf fabric softener sheets 50's

(borrowed from Smartcanucks)

Yay! I have never tried the Egg Creations but have some $1 coupons so they will be free, so I might try them now. I am also excited about the Colgate Toothbrush, Catelli sauce and Yoplait as I have coupons that will make them Free or cheap!

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