Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shop with Mrs.Smith : London Drugs, Langley BC

Hi Extreme Shoppers,

I've decided to name my videos "Shop with Mrs. Smith" - and I'll be sharing how I shop, tips, receipts and so on. This video is just one I did, and I hope to do more videos with blog readers and Facebook fans soon! I hope you enjoy!

The loot (guess how much I spent?):

- 6 Glade 3-wick candles
- 2 Old Spice deodorant
- 2 Covergirl Continuous Colour Lipstick
- 4 Pampers wipes boxes
- 2 Tylenol 100's EZ Tabs
- 1 Ocean Spray Diet drink
- 2 Knorrs Ready to Serve soup
- 2 OB 18's packs
- 1 Jergens Lotion
- 1 Jergens Handwash
- 8 Catelli Healthy Harvest pasta

The video:

Please forgive the filming and audio, I'm just getting used to it and am working on getting better filming equipment! I was also hoping to get some Luminary candles (6 of them) for free, but they were out so I got a raincheck for them. Also forgot to get some free REACH toothbrushes, and they didn't have a few other items I had planned to get, but all in all, a pretty good haul, and I must say the service the the LD Langley branch was top notch. The cashier was smiling and pleasant during the entire transaction. So was her supervisor, who had to open up another till to help other customers, so I was grateful for that. Hats off to the London Drugs in Langley!

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