Friday, February 5, 2010

Free Pepsi and Tostitos for Superbowl!

I have been looking all over for the MIR (Mail In Rebate) form that is out there for a $20 rebate back on Pepsi/7Up/Tostitos products in honour of Superbowl 44, and FINALLY found it today at the Coquitlam RCSS (Westwood). For those of you looking for it, I saw it in 2 places - towards the front entrance by the clothing (there is a display of Tostitos and Pepsi) and in the chips aisle. There was a demonstrator there today who was giving out samples and also .44 cent coupons for Pepsi Lime and also for Tostitos salsa.

So what's this all about, you ask?

Well, the MIR says that when you purchase a minimum of $20 (before taxes) of certain Pepsi/7Up/Tostitos products from participating Loblaws companies, you can send in the receipt and UPCs along with the MIR form and you will receive 2 $10 Presidents' Choice giftcards - that's "spend $20, get back $20!" Free food and drinks = awesome.

Now I don't stock up on chips and pop for many reasons, but this was a great chance to stock up because I'm hosting a baby shower this weekend so some chips and pop will be laid out with the rest of the food, plus it's Superbowl weekend and I plan to send Mr.Smith to work with some goodies for his workmates since they have to work while the pigskin's being thrown around.

Note that the deal says you must purchase the $20 worth by Feb 7 and the MIR/UPC/receipt must be postmarked by Feb 28 2010.

To confuse you even more, there is ANOTHER similiar Pepsi/Tostitos rebate, but for this one, you can download and print off a rebate from from here, and instead of getting gift cards back you get coupons for the following:
1 Free 2L bottle of pop
1 Free bag of chips
1 Free case of 12 cans of pop
1 Free bag of chips
1 Free 6 pack of bottle pop
1 Free Gatorade

You can purchase the items at various participating merchants, not only RCSS for this offer. The addresses to which you send your rebates to are different, so I think you might be able to take advantage of both offers - but since I'm only doing one offer I can't guarantee you that, so proceed at your own risk.

The other great deal I found today was a $1.50 coupon off milk - I have never seen a milk coupon (besides the Natrel and Beatrice milk ones, brands that are not carried around my area), so I was excited to see this coupon. It's a limited time special at Safeway, good til Feb 7. I found that the milk was $4.06 there, and with the $1.50 off it came to $2.56 - cheap for 4L in my area. Yay! I didn't need a coupon, I just brought the milk up to the front, asked about the special, and the cashier had a special coupon at her till and swiped it for me. Easy.

Happy weekending, Extreme Shoppers!

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