Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coupon Swap at Mrs.Smith's Facebook Page

This Wednesday and Thursday, Mrs.Smith will be hosting the first coupon swap on the Facebook page here. Do you have coupons you won't be using? Why not list them (for free) and see if someone out there wants them and perhaps they'll have coupons you might want? Check it out - let's get those coupons traded and used!

1) You must be a Mrs.Smith FB page fan.
2) Include # of each coupon you have, coupon name, UPC and expiry date - so your listing should look like this:"2x .50cents off any Dempsters Bread, 047129520, June 20/10."
3) You must make your own arrangements with whoever you are trading with to mail/meet up to exchange coupons
4) Only family-friendly coupons will be accepted for posting. Mrs.Smith reserves the right to delete any inappropriate coupons.
5) Mrs.Smith is not responsible for any coupon trades.

Hopefully this will be successful and everyone will get coupons they are looking for!

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