Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why I Stockpile: Sharing the savings - stockpiling and shopping from one's cupboards

My mom was just over and shopped at my stash cupboards - she was telling me that Dad has been having these "spur of the moment cravings" for things like soup and beans and was buying them when he felt the urge to, and has been buying loads of toilet paper at Costco "because they were cheap or on sale."

I was groaning my way as she was speaking, and threw open my stash cupboards, stocked with, you guessed it - soup, beans and tp - among other things. I told my mom yet again, to save her money and shop at "my store" - where everything is free.

It is one of the biggest blessings of this couponing/savings journey - to be able to share freely with people I know and love, I'm finding this ability to be generous blesses me more than I would have ever dreamed it would. As my parents and I transition in our roles in life, I'm finding I want to care and provide for them in any way I can (although they are still very much young, active and independent seniors). I just love that my mom can call and say,"do you have such and such" and I can check my stash and say,"yes, how many would you like?"

I just wanted to encourage you today as you are building your stockpile, or are even wondering why you should stockpile - that the returns on having a stockpile are more than what you would think automatically. Yes, a stockpile will save you a trip or two to the store to pick up stuff you need, a stockpile will help keep your food budget on track, a stockpile will come in handy when you have unexpected guests or emergencies, but more so, a stockpile will enable you to share with others, within your circle of influence and beyond, especially if you donate to shelters or foodbanks.

Stockpiling is different from hoarding - I buy what I plan to use, and then I use it. I don't hold on to them and have them sitting in my cupboards just to look pretty. I use them, give them away or donate. When my cupboards are full, I stop shopping and that impacts my bottom line positively as well: less shopping = more savings.

What do you think of stockpiling?

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