Thursday, February 18, 2010

Living Well coupons

There are some printable coupons at Living Well, including:

- $2.00 on PEPCID® Complete
- $2.00 on TYLENOL® Muscle Aches & Body Pain (72s and 110s only)
- $1.50 on Children’s and Infant’s Pain Reliever.
- $1.00 on any REACH® ULTRACLEAN™ toothbrush
- $2.00 on MOTRIN® Cold & Sinus
- $2.00 on Tylenol® Cold Plus Mucous Relief
- $2.00 on ZANTAC®
- $5.00 on new NICORETTE® Extreme Chill™ Gum
- $10.00 when you purchase a box of NICORETTE® Patch 7’s and a box of NICORETTE® Gum 105’s.
- Get a FREE**** OneTouch® meter with the purchase of 100 OneTouch® Ultra® Test Strips

What I especially love about these ones especially the Tylenol, Reach, and Motrin ones are that there are other coupons out there that can be stacked with these ones, which will make for cheap meds when combined with a sale.

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