Sunday, June 20, 2010

Smartsource coupon insert - June 19 2010

The Smartsource coupon insert dropped this weekend, you can find it in your local paper or in the weekend Sun/Province.

It includes:
$1 off Ben's Smart White bread made with 16 whole grains (exp Sep 30 2010)
$1 off wyb any Garnier Fructis Damage Repair product (exp Dec 31 2010)
$2.50 off any Pull ups Training Pants (jumbo pack or larger) (exp July 17 2010)(what's with the quick expiry dates??!)
$1 off wyb any Pull Ups Flushable moist wipes (exp July 17 2010)
$1 off wyb any Noxzema product (exp Dec 31 2010)
.75cents off any NEW V8 V-Fusion beverage (1.36L) Cranberry Blackberry or Passionfruit Tangerine (exp Dec 31 2010)
$5 off wyb Air Wick Freshmatic or Freshmatic Compact Started kit (exp Oct 31 2010)
$2 off any Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants (exp July 17 2010)
$1 off 6-pack or larger Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue (exp Aug 14 2010)
$1 off any tub or refill of Cottonelle Flushable Moist wipes (exp Aug 14 2010)
$2 off any Huggies Overnites Diapers (exp July 17 2010)
$1 off any package of Huggies Baby Wipes (64 ct or larger) (exp July 17 2010)
$1 off any 2 Litehouse Veggie Dips (exp Dec 31 2010)
$1 off any 2 Litehouse Dressings (exp Dec 31 2010)
$1 off any Pedigree dry, wet, snack or treat foods for dogs (exp Dec 31 2010)
$1 off wyb any Raid or Off! product (exp Sep 30 2010)
$2.50 off wyb any 2 Raid of Off! products (exp Sep 30 2010)
$5 off wyb any 2 Off! Powerpad Refills(exp Sep 30 2010)
$200 gc with your FREE hearing screening (gc is towards purchase of a hearing aid) (exp July 2 2010)
$2 off Oskar Broom or Super Twist Mop (exp Oct 31 2010)
$3 off a Bee Mop or Fibro Contact Mop (exp Oct 31 2010)
Sears 50% complete pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses and $39.99 non-prescription sunglasses wyb an annual supply purchase of contact lenses

Canada only.

What did you think of this insert's coupons?

I wanted to remind you that you can call your local paper if you do not receive your paper, and ask them to make sure you are on the "deliver" list. You can also ask if they have drop boxes where you can pick up the papers. PLEASE do not take all the papers or worse, all the coupon inserts. I've had a number of people tell me this week that they either took a free paper or bought a paper, and then proceeded to take all the coupon inserts from the other papers. That in my opinion is stealing, and unfair to others who might be purchasing the paper for the coupon inserts.

If you are looking for extra inserts, ask your neighbours, friends or family, to put theirs aside for you if they do not use them. If you live in a condo/townhouse, my rule of thumb for taking more than 1 coupon insert is anytime after Sunday, if the papers are still there, then help yourself. Give others a chance to get their paper/coupon insert first but if they are still there Monday morning then they are a free-for-all, in my opinion. Check your communal recycling bin as they can be goldmines when it comes to coupon inserts. Also, please do not take coupon inserts out of the papers that are for sale at the stores or at the self-serve kiosks.

I frequent my local McDonalds or coffee shops and ask if I can have a couple extra inserts if no one is needing them and I've never been turned away. Most people just want to read the paper and the flyers/coupon inserts are left behind and happy couponers like myself are usually welcome to take a few home, saving them from the recycling bin.

I have 3 extra copies of the insert, so if you did not get one this week and would like one, please post under the post "Want a SmartSource?" on the MrsSmith Facebook page here and I will get it out to the first 3 people who post saying that they would like the insert.

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