Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stocking up my pantry and freezer for less

Extreme Shopping can be used towards stocking up your pantry and freezer as well, and yesterday was one of those days where I had to take advantage of some great sales and coupons to get some food at a significant discount.

One of the best things about Extreme Shopping is that some months, I don't need to buy certain items such as meat because I might have bought them the previous month at a huge discount. I did not buy any meat at all for the month of May, and I'm pleased to report I still have about 3/4 box of chicken left in my freezer, but I just could not pass up the great pricing on the chicken at No Frills.

The items in the picture above would have cost about $110 without sales and coupons.

2 bags of Cheese scones (my favourite): 2/$7 (saved $1) plus received 20 points
Used a giftcard I had received to completing a survey
OOP: $0

No Frills:
8 bags of chicken approx 6.298kg at $2/lb or $4.41/kg, saved $1.49/lb)
OOP: $28.03
Saved: $20.03

5 Pizza Pops at $1 each (saved $1.27 each)
Used 5 $1 coupons, for additional $5 savings

4 boxes Special K boxes 3.50 x 4
used 4 FPCs
Saved: $14.00
OOP: $0

2 Sprites and 1 Fanta Tangerine,
on sale for $1 each, saved $1.17 per bottle
Used a coupon, buy 2 Sprites get a free Fanta Tangerine
Saved $4.51

Bananas: 1.71

Peak Freans cookies on sale for $1.97
saved: $1

Bluewater Lemon Pepper Fish, on sale for $2.97
Used .75cent coupon
OOP: $2.24

Dofino Havarti on sale for $3
Used .50cent coupon
OOP: $2.50

Pork Tenderloin $3/lb, saved $1.99/lb
Spent: 4.42
Saved: $6.55

Total before savings, coupons, etc:$109.66
Total savings (coupons and sales): $60.86
Total Out of Pocket: $48.80 (this includes tax, recycling fee, deposits, etc)
Total percentage savings: approximately 65%