Friday, June 18, 2010

Melitta - free FPC and coupon promotion

Back in May, I posted about a special deal and coupon from a coffee company here. For those of you who didn't email me for an invite, you can go here to sign up and request your $2 coupon from Melitta. You can then refer friends to the Melitta Me-Time program and should they sign up, you will receive up to 5 Free Product Coupons (FPCs) for Melitta coffee! Your friends will receive a $2 coupon, and then they can refer their friends and also receive up to 5 FPCs as well.

I'm glad to report that I received my 5 FPCs for ANY Melitta World Harvest Fair Trade coffee, just in time to use for this weekend's No Tax Event at RCSS (Superstore). Have you received your coupon yet?

You can still sign up and refer friends as the promotion is good til June 30 2010.

Canada only.

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